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pimp-my-bike retail

We are a small independent London based online retailer specializing in innovative bicycle accessories and cycling related products. We source our goods from reputable and reliable suppliers from abroad and here in the United Kingdom.We concentrate our efforts on several selected cycling market sectors that have been researched and found promising. We aim to improve the reliability and timeliness of shipments from local and overseas suppliers to providing a fast delivery service to our customer’s doorstep.Our mission is to target certain innovative bicycle accessories and cycling related market niches that are, for a variety of reasons, are not well-served by other bicycles retailing sector. We will utilize our background experience in the cycling sector to build a two-way market.We believe the keys to success is to offer a high-quality value relationship which is not available everywhere. This is essential for maintaining our niche cycling product market. We aim to provide reliable and timely delivery to our customers. Pimp-My-Bike Retail must make good on its promises.

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Import duties, Customs taxes, and other charges are not included in the item price or international delivery charges. Please consult with your local Customs for further information.