WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses, an ideal piece of kit for every cyclist, contain a discreet camera in the frame capturing video and photographs and is also covered by a 12-month warranty.

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Live WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses and WiFi camera glasses are the perfect high-quality cycling accessory for beginners or those more experienced in the cycling world. Compatible with both Android and IOS phones, this device has many uses to cover a variety of cyclists’ needs along with offering protection from the sun and other elements.

Increase road safety with the video and audio playback option, which could be useful in the unfortunate event of an accident where video evidence may be required. Video record your route wherever it takes you to playback and which later or take still images on your travels where the mood strikes. There are many benefits of owning a pair of WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses.

Designed to enhance the rider’s experience, this gadget is both a functional and practical addition to your bike kit, while being covered by a 12-month warranty (subject to normal use) for peace of mind.

Video files can be shared and transferred quickly and efficiently as they are codded in the MPEG, which allows for quick compression of records, while the video is in the universally recognized format AVI. A fast video frame rate of 30 Frames Per Second (FPS), ensures a seamless, gapless video playback experience, which is also aided by the high resolution of 1280×720 to give sharper, more transparent images allowing an enjoyable and/or functional viewing experience.

Video playback also has additional benefits and features such as audio recording and date stamps, should the user require them. While in operation, the video is automatically saved every 10 minutes adding that all data is being recorded and saved at regular intervals.

Another feature of the WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses are the photographs and still images they can capture. Whether it is through the app on the user’s phone or the discreet button that is located on the frame of the glasses themselves, making it a versatile hands-free option. As with the video features, photographs can also be a date stamp in the form of a watermark, if required. With the standard image ratio of 4:3 and the pixel size being 5MP, users will not be disappointed with the quality of this product and the images captured.

There is an option to use this product without WiFi, if, for whatever reason, it is preferable. The sleek design of the glasses has built-in buttons in the frame that allow the user to start/stop recording or capturing images without looking out of place or appearing too bulky on the design features. An ideal and convenient solution is if the user suddenly finds themselves without WiFi.

Setting up the WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses, WiFi camera glasses has been simplified for the user, allowing a speedy, hassle-free, and stress-free set-up on an Android/IOS mobile phone. Simply scan the QR code provided in the user manual, and the installation process will begin. The user manual also provides clear instructions on how to set WiFi up on this device. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, the user can begin playing with their new cycling accessory in no time without any complicated setup.

Once installed, the easy-to-use menu within the app will allow quick navigation enabling the user to get the most of what this product has to offer. The app menu contains the following sections;

  • Folder – contains all the saved files inside the card. Here the user can download files to their phone’s memory, detailed file information, and allow the option to play/view files.
  • Audio – from video files
  • Settings – a submenu is available to view here
  • Resolution – allows a change in resolution (sharpness) of video recordings
  • Recording time – change the recording time
  • Sound – change sound to on/off
  • Date stamp – for video recordings
  • Photo resolution – allows a change in resolution (sharpness) of photographs
  • Watermark – add in date/time watermark
  • Shutdown  – force a manual shutdown
  • Version – app version number
  • WiFi name – check what WiFi is connected
  • WiFi settings
  • Recording mode – manually record
  • Mode – change between video and camera
  • Battery – check devices battery life

This device is widely supported by multiple operating systems (OS). Operating Systems supported are: Win7/WinMe/WinXP/Win2000/Vista/Mac OS 10.5.

These sunglasses measure at 145x70x4mm and have an elegant design allowing the user to look stylish while using a high-quality product. The camera is conveniently located in the frame bridge of the glasses and offers a 140-degree field of vision for recording/photographing. Small, discreet buttons are built into the frame and a USB connection point is located within the inner shell to allow a Min5Pin USB connection.

The WiFi Video Recording Glasses come with a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need to buy batteries, which could prove costly over time. The 430m AH High Capacity Polymer Lithium Battery can be charged at a voltage of DC-5V by connecting the glasses to a power source via USB cable. LED lights will notify the user when the battery is running low, or the battery life of the device can be checked using the app to give adequate time for a charge. It is recommended that the first charge should be for 2-3 hours, and all charges are best done when the device has been shut down for the most functional and healthy device care. Should the glasses run out of battery and shut down, data will be saved automatically before the shutdown, ensuring no data is lost.

This device can support up to 32GB of storage with a MicroSD(TF), allowing a large amount of video, audio, and photographs to be captured without running out of space.

An additional feature of the WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses is the webcam feature. By connecting the glasses via their USB point to a computer, users can opt to use them as a webcam. There are simple instructions within the user manual to help you get this set up with your computer.

A high-end, high-quality device the WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses & WiFi camera glasses can become a part of your daily routine.

Cyclists – Please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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