WFL-380 Smart Bike Rear Light features an intelligent real-time covert IOS Android bicycle parking location of your bike using Google Maps on your smartphone to trace your bike. Other features include – Bluetooth, Smartphone controlled Smart Lighting, Bike Parking Finder, Anti-Lost Warning/Alert, Live Google Maps, Vibration Warning/Alert, IOS Android Compatible.

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WFL-380 Smart Bike Rear Light

For the longest time, bike rear lights were only used for one purpose; to get the cyclist seen. Today, thanks to technological advancements, you can be able to get so much more from your rear lights like your bike computer with maps.

The Smart Bike Rear light is a perfect example of an innovative bicycle accessory that every biker should have. The bike rear light powered by 2 AAA batteries will get you seen, as well as provide numerous perks that will enrich your cycling experience.

For starters, it’s worth noting that you can control this advanced light easily from your smartphone. Your only responsibility at this point is to download the Smart Car Finder App.  It is available on both Android and IOS platforms at no charge. Launch the app on your phone by turning on the Location Service and Bluetooth. Look for the name of the light i.e. Smart Bike Rear Light and tap on it to start the connection. Running this app on your phone will give you access to four amazing features namely:

  1. Parking Finder – There are high chances that as a biker you have gone through the frustrations of forgetting where you parked your bike for one reason or another. This will no longer be an issue with the Smart Bike Rear Light because it lets you find the location of your bike quickly and easily. Taping on this feature will redirect you to the location where you last parked your bike. Tap on the car icon that comes up on the phone and proceeds to press on the Google Maps logo that is found on the bottom right. This works with Google Maps which navigates to display accurate GPS coordinates of where you will find the parking location. You may also track with a bicycle tracker. Amazing right?

2. Anti-Lost Warning – This unique rear light also offers a security feature that will save you the pains of having your bike stolen. When you park the bike outside and turn on the function through the app, you will get a warning when another individual moves the bike 15 min away from you. Two options to explore here include turning on the alarm or the vibrating option depending on what you prefer. Use this warning to leap into action and save the bike without wasting any time.

3. Remote Lighting – This allows you to remotely and conveniently turn your light on and off via your smartphone.

4. Smart Lighting – It gives you the option of setting a timer for when you want to turn on the lights. For instance, if you are always riding in the morning from 6:00 am, you can set the lights in a way that they will be turning on every morning at the set time. It comes in handy, especially if you are a frequent rider because the lights will automatically turn on at the right time. It can also act as a safety feature for people who always forget to use the power button to turn on their rear lights. Additionally, you also get to take advantage of the flashing mode function. Here you can choose the flash mode you prefer from the options available. You can experiment with all the modes at first to identify the ones you feel will work out best for you.

The construction of the Smart Bike Rear Light permits you to mount it easily on your bike. It is light in weight at only 100g. Other specifications you should know about this helpful bicycle accessory include:

  • 6 different flashing modes.
  • 9 high LED brightness for enhanced visibility.
  • Waterproof

Get the Smart Bike Rear Light now, and benefit from all the smart features it offers.

Cyclists – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.


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