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Taking bike lights to the next level, the Smart Bike Rear Light does more than just alert other road users to your presence. Using Bluetooth technology, the light can be controlled using your smartphone. Using its Google Maps functionality, it allows you to easily trace your bike. Whilst, its anti-theft functionality alerts you should your bike be removed from where you left it. Plus, in this variant version, the smart light now has automatic brake light.

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Smart Bike Light

Whilst alerting other road users to your presence on the road when cycling is the main function of the Smart Bike Rear Light, it does so much more than that.

Working in conjunction with your smartphone, the Smart Bike Rear Light packs a whole load of smart features accessed via the Parking Finder companion app for iOS and Andriod. These features include the ability to use your smartphone to control the lighting, the ability to easily find where you left your bike, and an anti-theft function. Whilst in an upgrade to the functionality of the variant model WFL-380, the WFL-580 now features brake light functionality.

For starters, it’s worth noting that you can control this advanced bike light easily from your smartphone. Your responsibility at this point is to download the Smart Car Finder App.

Launch the Parking Finder app on your phone by turning on location services and Bluetooth, look for the name of the light, i.e. WFL- 380 or WFL-580 (depending on the model you own) Smart Bike Rear Light and tap on it to start the connection. Running this app on your phone will give you access to the following functionality.

The ability to be easily controlled via your smartphone

Meaning you don’t have to fumble around in the dark before you set off on your journey, the Smart Bike Rear Light features smartphone integration. This allows you to remotely and conveniently turn the light on and off using the Parking Finder companion app.

Taking things further, if you set off at the same time each day, the app also features a handy smart lighting feature that gives you the option of setting a timer for when you want to turn on the light. For instance, if you are always riding in the morning from 06:00 am, you can set the light up to automatically come on at that time each day.

In addition to the standard remote lighting functions provided by the Parking Finder app, you can also choose from six different flashing modes.

An easier way to find where you left your bike

Whether you are rushing around, cycling somewhere new or you have just left your bike in a busy place, you will not be alone in forgetting exactly where you left your bike up. If you can relate to this, then the Parking Finder functionalities of the Smart Bike Rear Light will suit you perfectly.

Letting you find the location of your bike quickly and easily. Tapping on this feature within the Parking Finder app will redirect you to the location where you left your bike.

By tapping on the car icon within the app and then tapping on the Google Maps logo, you will be taken to Google Maps which will assist you in navigating to the exact location where you left your bike.

An anti-theft function

The Smart Bike Rear Light’s smart capabilities continue with the anti-theft function. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the anti-theft function will alert you should your bike move away from the designated geofence area. Alerting you with an immediate alarm or vibration notification to your smartphone, you will quickly be able to investigate the issue with your bike.

Brake light functionality

In an upgrade to the variant model WFL-380, the WFL-580 now also features brake light functionality. With its connection with your smartphone, the WFL-580 will utilize your smartphone’s GPS functionality. Using this, it will detect when you are braking and will automatically turn on your lights at all times of the day to alert other road users that you are slowing down or stopping.


  • Compatible with the Smart Car Finder app (available for Android and iOS devices)
  • 6 different flashing modes
  • Remote controlled lighting
  • Smart lighting
  • Auto lighting
  • 9 high LED brightness for enhanced visibility
  • Smart Parking Finder App
  • Anti-lost warning alert
  • Auto brake light warning (applicable to WFL-580 model)
  • IPX5 Waterproof standards
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries

Get the Smart Bike Rear Light now, and benefit from all the smart features it offers.

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” Sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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WFL-380, WFL-580


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