The Sherlock GPS bicycle tracker gives you complete peace of mind. Innovative technology means you can track your bike’s whereabouts, and its discreet design means thieves will not be aware that they are being tracked. With a user-friendly app powered by an integrated handlebar Bluetooth and WiFi functions, great battery life, and unique features such as police notification and both US/European compatibility, the Sherlock Bike Tracker offers total security confidence and consumer satisfaction.

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Need total confidence in the security of your bicycle? The Sherlock Bike Tracker is the product is for you!

Concerned about your bike being stolen? Keen to feel secure when you need to head out for a ride? Want to find the No.1 GPS/GLONASS tracker for your bike?

Then look no further! The Sherlock Bike Tracker is a market-leading product that provides the user with total confidence and assurance. Using innovative technology, this bicycle tracker provides the owner with complete visibility of their bike – anytime, anywhere.

Features & Benefits

This Bike GPS offers a discreet, stylish solution to the all too regular event of bike theft. Its slick, compact design means that you can easily insert the device into your handlebar, meaning thieves will never catch on!

Its integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility allows the bike to emit a signal, a signal that you can track via the Sherlock Bike App. This App is available on both IOS (10 or newer) and Android (5 or newer) and will detect your bike’s location within 5m. Users can also trust connectivity quality, as the handlebar location is the optimum position for achieving a great signal.

Whether you’re based in Europe or the USA, its capability to work with both GPS and GLONASS modules gives you complete freedom to do what you do best – ride!

Its simple micro-USB charging function means you can easily charge in the move, just pop off the end-cap, and connect to your chosen charging device. Even better, its 7-day battery life gives you licence to go on multiple rides before your due for a plug-in!

Although this tracker unit will not work universally across all handlebars (please check individual bike dimensions), its clever shape will be adaptable to the vast majority. The first half of the handlebar is firm, the second half is flexible, therefore allowing you to shape your GPS handlebar to fit your equipment. This will therefore accommodate cyclists looking for either a mountain bike tracker or an equivalent road bike device.

Each purchase will come with a tracker, charger, and a ‘twin’ cap, offering a consistent look at both ends of the handlebar, another deterrent for thieves.

Using the App

The Sherlock Bike App is an easily downloadable platform that gives the user total control. This product comes with a pre-loaded SIM-internet connection, valid for 2 years. And, never fear, extending this timeframe is easy and affordable, with annual subscriptions available at a rate of £2.50 per month. So, you’re out for an evening ride and decide to pitch up for a coffee, how does the Sherlock Bike Tracker offer total peace of mind?

Simply lock up your bicycle, load up the app, swipe to ‘activate’, and off you go. In-built motion sensor technology will alert you to any unexpected movement, leaving you to enjoy your drink rather than worry about your pride and joy.

Better still, if you do unfortunately fall victim to theft, you can automatically report your bike as stolen on the app. This will in turn trigger a unique code that you can share with the police. Setting up has never been easier, just pair your app to the bike by following the on-screen instructions. This will generate an individual 6-figure code – just enter and away you go!

Product Installation

Despite this product being loaded with state-of-art technology, installation is extremely easy. Simply remove the bar end of your bicycle (maybe under the grip), slip the Sherlock Bike Tracker unit into handlebar tubing, and use the cap provided to close off (please be aware that on road bikes, customers will need to allow the first 60mm of the handlebar to be kept straight). When installing, please ensure the micro-USB port faces outwards, and don’t forget the dummy twin cap for the other side-essential to put thieves further off the scent!

And don’t worry about even weight distribution, the Sherlock Bike Tracker is only 50g – you’ll not even notice it! Lastly, be sure to activate your bicycle tracker within 90 days from the date of purchase.

So, for the perfect GPS tracker for your bike, grab the Sherlock Bike tracker today.

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CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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Free Sherlock Bike Tracker App Download, 7-Day Battery Life, Weighs only 50g, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Functionality


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