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The uCatch Motion, Range and Activity Detector is a multi-function device designed to provide the ultimate in peace of mind. Whether you use it for its anti-theft features, its key functionality, or as a baby monitor, this device will have you covered.

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uCatch Motion, Range, and Activity Detector

The uCatch Motion, Range and Activity Detector is one device with three key functions, all of which centre around range and motion.

Utilising BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and working with the Wusa Smart Panel companion app on your smartphone, the uCatch device is designed to alert you when it goes out of range or something comes into range. This gives it its three key functions as an anti-theft device, a key finder, and a baby monitor.

With Flip On technology, the uCatch has no on and off button. Instead, it simply turns itself on and off as and when it detects activity. If no activity is detected, the device is put into sleep mode in order to conserve the battery. As soon as an activity is detected, the device then becomes active again.

Baby and Child monitoring

Using the in-built motion detection functionality, the uCatch Motion, Range, and Activity Detector are perfect for us as a baby and child monitor.

Simply attach the device to your baby’s cot, set it to motion detection mode and the uCatch will alert you when it detects movement from your child, allowing for peace of mind whilst your child is sleeping.

For further peace of mind, the uCatch is ideal for older children too. The device’s BLE technology allows you to set a geofence using the Wusa Smart Panel app on your smartphone. A geofence is a virtual fence around a specific geofence area, if your child wanders off and leaves this area you will be alerted via an immediate notification on your smartphone.

Whilst so that you can easily locate your child, you can remotely put your device into panic mode using your phone. This will allow you to use the app’s map function to be able to find where they are.

Anti-theft capabilities

Whether you attach it to your bicycle, your laptop, or your luggage, using the same geofencing technology, the uCatch will alert you when your property moves away from you. The anti-theft device alarm sounds even when somebody touches your property, whilst the last found location will indicate where it was last seen to help you find it.

For laptops, it also has a dummy USB so you can plug it into a USB port where it is conveniently disguised as a memory stick. However, should your laptop leave the geofence area, the alarm will sound alerting you to the theft.

Key finder

This last found technology also makes the uCatch perfect for attaching to your keys too. Ensuring you never misplace your keys again, when switched to key finder mode the uCatch becomes a BLE beacon. Using the app, you will be able to sound an alarm on the device to allow you to easily follow the sound and locate your keys.

Activity tracking functionalities

The activity functionality of the uCatch also allows it to be used as an activity tracker. When set to sport mode, it becomes a pedometer and will track your activity when walking or cycling.  Using the accompanying app, the device will tell you how many steps you have done, how far you have traveled, your average speed, and the route you ran or cycled. And thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities of the device, all of this data is conveniently synced to your device in real-time.


  • Compatible with the Wusa Smart Panel app
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology
  • Baby monitor
  • An anti-theft device with an alarm
  • Key chain and key finder
  • Pedometer step counter
  • 40-meter range
  • Powered by CR2032
  • Boxed-product Weight: 4.5g

Cyclists – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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Key Finder, Baby Movement Monitor, Activity Tracker, Anti-Theft Notification Alarm


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