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The Adventurer CBM17 Black Handlebar Phone Mount is designed in a way to give complete security to your gadgets, while you are not able to hold them securely so that you can enjoy your ride without any hurdle.

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Attending phone calls while riding a bike can be very dangerous. You either have to stop for a minute or put your safety at risk. If you want to avoid any mishaps and keep up with the pace of the world at the same time, install the Adventurer CBM17 bicycle phone mounts from Pimp-My-Bike Retail.

It is essential to bring your smartphone to your bicycle rides for navigation purposes, especially while biking in the mountains or somewhere you have never been before. Whether you are always on a call for your job or want to connect to a friend, a bicycle phone holder makes your phone accessible.

The bicycle phone holder fixes nut tight on the handlebar and provides your phone with a rigid platform. It obliterates the possibility of your phone loosening and falling while on a ride.

The key features of the Adventurer CBM17 Black bicycle phone holder are as follows:

  • Flawless design- The design of the Adventurer CBM17 bicycle phone mounts does not hinder your phone’s performance in any way. These bicycle phone mounts do not block the headphone jack, front or rear cameras of your mobile phones, enabling you to enjoy video recording or listen to music while on a ride.
  • Manufacturing quality- The manufacturing material of the Adventurer CBM17 handlebar phone mounts is aviation aluminum. Unlike other plastic phone mounts, these are stable and rigid and provide extra safety to your smartphones.
  • Multiple applications- There are numerous applications of these bike phone mounts. The Adventurer CBM17 supports multi-angle fixation. These can fit easily on any handlebar of diameter 22-32 cm and hold mobile phones varying in width from 65cm to 95 cm.

 What makes the Adventurer CBM17 Black Handlebar phone mount unique?

There are a handful of bicycle phone mounts available in the market. Most of them are poorly manufactured and fading. On the other hand, the Adventurer CBM17 Black cycle phone holder is robust and reliable.

Additionally, the Adventurer CBM17 Black Handlebar Phone Mount is compatible with almost all mobile phones and has numerous applications. The anti-slip pad and the anti-slip rubber pad of these bicycle phone mounts provide extra safety to your smartphone and handlebar, protecting them from scratches and minor damage.

How to mount the Adventurer CBM17 Black MTB Phone Mount on a handlebar?

Step 1-  Fix the clamp sets of the phone mounts on the handlebar.

 Step2 –  Rotate the quick-release handle, which is situated at the right side of the phone mount, counterclockwise to open the middle phone holder at a width that can easily fit your smartphone.

Step 3-  Insert your smartphone into the wide-open middle phone holder.

Step 4- Rotate the quick-release handle 180° around the shaft that fits into it, and the mobile phone holder will close and hold the mobile phone tightly.

Step 5- Rotate the quick-release handle 180° in the opposite direction keeping the shaft as the axis, and the middle phone holder will open and release your smartphone.

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Codes.


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