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Are you in the market for a multi-purpose bicycle handlebar extension to support your riding experience? Perhaps you’d like the capability of transporting your smartphone, maintaining road visibility, navigating a journey seamlessly, and capturing pictures whilst you move? Make this impossible feat possible with this handlebar extension mount!

This innovative product allows the user to secure their phone, operate a flashlight, utilize a cycling computer and attach a sports camera simultaneously. Furthermore, its durability (produced with T6 aviation aluminum) means that cyclists can have complete confidence that this bicycle phone holder will withstand both tough terrains and inclement weather.

Its lightweight, compact shell protects rider balance and accommodates most smartphone and navigation system shapes and sizes. Furthermore, this handlebar phone mount is incredibly easy to install and comes complete with all required component parts for assembly and operation.

So, what are you waiting for!? Pick up one today!

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This handlebar extender is the ultimate storage and mounting solution for all keen cyclists. Harness all your electronic devices in one bracket with this fantastic, innovative product!

Looking for a piece of equipment that can harness the function of several electrical devices whilst cycling? Keen to track your route, safely transport your phone, maintain visibility in dark conditions, and still take motion pictures? Then look no further, this bike handlebar bracket is the product for you!

This bike phone mount serves a range of purposes, optimizing comfort and convenience for the rider. Its mounting dimensions facilitate the holding of most smartphone styles and sizes, measuring 150x45x52mm. Furthermore, its cycle computer/navigation system bracket extends to an impressive 100×136.5x55mm, which means it can suitably cater to all Garmin, Blackbird, and Bryton supported interfaces.

This iPhone holder is produced using high-quality T6 Aviation Aluminium, allowing it to able to withstand inclement weather conditions, reduce the likelihood of surface scratching and offer high-performance corrosion resistance. It is therefore extremely durable!

This cycle handlebar extension offers riders the capability to simultaneously operate four electrical devices at once. Users can: lock their mobile phone securely into place, attach a flashlight to aid safe passageway through night-time rides, fix a cycle computer/navigation system to support traveling directions, and even accommodate a motion sports camera- you can still capture that beautiful scenery regardless of supporting all your other devices!

The lightweight shell of this bicycle handlebar extension protects rider balance (the total weight of all usable bracket elements is only 160G!) and rests comfortably on all bicycle handlebars. Its patented fixed mobile phone solution facilitates efficient installation and removal. An expertly crafted design allows cyclists to enjoy a product that is both practical and stylish.

Boxed contents of the bicycle handlebar extension include everything the user needs for assembly set-up and operation. Customers will receive the following: main body of extension mount, phone holder, cycle computer system connector, cycle computer base, beam, M5 mobile phone holder screws, M5 main body hex socket screws, and M3 cycle computer screws.

Each function has a slightly different installation process, but all are equally as easy to complete. Please implement the following instructions when installing:

  1. Main body installation
  • Remove the two M5 hex nuts on the main body of the extension mount.
  • Remove the two M5 socket head cap screws from your handlebar cover.
  • Install the two M5 main body hex socket screws into the handlebar cover, using these to attach the mount to the bar in the process.


  1. Cycle computer holder installation
  • Place the base of the cycle computer on the main body of the extension mount.
  • Fix the cycle computer onto the extension mount using the M5 main body hex socket screw.
  • Place cycle computer connector into the base, aligning assembly holes with screw holes.
  • Lastly, fix the connector to the base using the two M2.5 code table screws.


  1. Mobile phone holder installation
  • Place the phone holder onto the main body of the extension mount
  • Fix the phone holder onto the main body using an M5 mobile phone holder screw.


  1. To install both computer and phone holders simultaneously
  • Place the ‘beam’ component on the main body of the extension mount.
  • Fix in beam with M5 main body hex socket screw.
  • Fix transfer component of cycle computer onto the beam. The complete process by referring back to the step-by-step bike computer holder installation.
  • Fix the phone holder onto the beam. The complete process by referring back to step-by-step phone holder installation.

To adjust the angle of the GoPro handlebar mount,  loosen the screw at the hinge point closest to the rider, and adjust at the flex point of the extension’s main body. Re-tighten screws at the hinge point to fix them into place.

So, there you have it. A product that looks great, has the capability to serve multiple functions and allows for simple and efficient installation. Pick up yours today!

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code. 



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