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The Adventurer X1 indicator gloves are the next generation of cycling gloves – and the brilliant design means that unlike other inferior LED indicator gloves on the market, they are machine washable.

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Flashy Cycling Gloves feature Automatic LED Turn Indicators.

Safety is super important to you as a keen cyclist, so being highly visible to motorists is essential. While you’re used to having lights on your bike, these don’t warn other road users of your intention to change direction. Now you can give your bicycle indicators by buying LED indicators & winter cycling gloves. Hold your arm out to turn right or left, and your glove lights up like a flashing indicator on a car. It’s simple but highly effective – and it could save your life.

The Adventurer X1 indicator bike gloves are the next generation of cycling gloves – and the brilliant design means that unlike inferior LED indicator gloves, they are machine washable. This is because the LED unit is detachable, so you can remove it while putting the glove through the wash. It also allows for easy recharging of the lithium batteries using the included USB cable.

Available in attractive red, blue, or yellow trim, the durable and comfortable bike gloves will last for years, even if used in the rain. But how do they work? Clever trickery in the LED unit senses when you hold your hand in a vertical position, rather than horizontal as they would be on top of your handlebars. When you hold your arm out to turn, the glove senses the change in position, and the highly-visible LED arrow lights up.

Cycling safety

On a dark morning commute to work or evening ride when the sun has gone down, imagine how much safer you would feel knowing that vehicles behind you could see clearly that you were moving out or stopping to turn right, or slowing down to turn left. You’ll know that roundabouts are particularly dangerous for cyclists, but these gloves will leave drivers in no doubt about which way you are going.

These are, therefore winter cycling gloves, when the nights are longer and the mornings darker. Buy these for yourself, or for your children to give you extra peace of mind when they are cycling to school, or out playing with their friends. The kids will love them.

The LED unit is protected by a tough, yet light plastic casing, which fits snugly into a rubber housing on the back of the glove. It also has Velcro on the bottom to make sure it is secure. The unit has just one operational button:

  • Press once to turn on with a 2Hz flash (twice a second)
  • Press two times for a 4Hz flash (four times a second)
  • Press three times to leave the warning arrow on constantly
  • Press four times to turn off

You might prefer to keep the LED indicator on all the time, giving that extra amount of cycling safety and visibility for your entire ride. But don’t worry about battery life – the day after a full charge, your LED lights can stay on constantly for 4.5 hours. And you needn’t be concerned about knowing when the LED indicator glove batteries are about to run out. Next, the operational button is two indicators. The one lights up when the batteries are down to 15% charge or less. The green one lights up while you are charging using the USB cables, and goes out when the charge reaches 100%.

The Adventurer X1 Automatic LED Indicating Cycling Bike Gloves come in four sizes. Work out your hand by measuring the width of the palm of your hand. The measurements are a guide:

  • M-7.5-8.5 cms
  • L-8.5-9.5 cms
  • XL-9.5-10 cms
  • XXL-10-11 cms

These gloves are very well made and highly durable. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, then you have the security of a 12-month warranty.

Buy now

You wouldn’t expect motor vehicles to have any indicators – why should your bike be any different? Order your Adventurer X1 Automatic LED Indicating Cycling Bike Gloves today and be safer on the roads.

Take a look at our demonstration video on YouTube of these innovative winter cycling gloves for your review.

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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Please note, this item will not be accepted for return once the seal is broken due to hygiene reasons.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 11.8 × 26.7 cm
Adventurer X1 High Visibility LED Automatic Signal Indicating Cycling Gloves

Automatic Wireless Signal Indicator, High Visibility LED Lights, Smart Sensor Signal Indicating Lights, Automatically Turns ON and OFF in Day/Night environment, Detachable Indicator Units, Gesture Control in flash mode, Rechargeable Micro USB Lithium Battery, Waterproof IPX-6 Standard, Washing Machine Washable


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