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“Front Bike Light” “Headlight for Bicycle” “Bicycle Front Light” “Cycle Front Light”


The small body of this innovative bike light comes with a high brightness output, max to 400 lumens, almost like a strong torchlight beam. With a reflective lens that can concentrate more light and release. You can choose from any of the 5 modes from static light, low beam high beam, super-bright beam, and flashing. The white flashing (strobe) mode can be used for the emergency signal. Unique sensor design on the back, when switching to the sensing mode, the Cree LED will work with a dark environment, the brighter the light becomes.

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When riding a bike, for pleasure or for competitive sporting events, safety should be high on up your list of priorities and ensuring that your journey is lit brightly is most important for your cycle ride! These smart light for bike come with a bicycle phone charger and are a must-have for all cyclists. It features the latest range of smart sensor chips, which will adjust your light intensity based on your current location and the amount of ambient light available. No longer will you have to manually switch on your rechargeable led bike headlight, as the sensor will switch on the lights when needed and will automatically adjust the brightness for the ultimate cycling experience.

Top features included are:

The fully rechargeable Lithium battery capacity of 1200 mAh

Fully adaptive lighting using the latest technology sensor chip for light-adjusting including energy saving mode

Aluminium Alloy and ABS plastic combo for the ultimate performance ensuring durability and robustness.

Unique design with a uniform light spot for safe night riding

The light comes fully fitted with a rechargeable smart light for bike built-in high-performance Lithium battery keeping you riding for longer and ensuring you have light when it is needed. The weight of the USB lights is super light as expected to weigh in at 120g, keeping your journey light and not impacting on long bike journeys and affecting your performance. With 5 light modes, you can be sure that these lights provide the premium quality standards that you demand from your equipment.

The LED’s inside the lights are just as you would expect from a high quality, premium light; with super bright LED’s measuring a fantastic 400LM (Lumen) and the casing delivering a waterproof shell, the rechargeable USB bike light will light up 20m of road in front of you and is designed to perform in all weather types including fog, rain, and snow. The lights have been thoroughly tested through the IP64 waterproof test and are proven to provide a superb seal from all external elements including dust, water, and condensation.

Whilst on the road it can be difficult to locate batteries in the hills and mountains of the countryside, but these cycle lights are rechargeable via USB with which the cable is included in the pack so you can charge each evening ready for the next leg of the tour. When on a charge, the indicator light will alert you when the 1200mAh battery is fully charged, and with each charge giving 6-8 hours of consistent power to the lights you can be confident that your safety has been taken care of.

The operation of the rechargeable bike lights is super easy when fixing it to the cycle and in everyday use.


Simply unscrew the bicycle handlebar clamp and pull out the connection, attach the clamp to the handlebars and then lock the clamp back into place!

USB Charging

A USB charging cable is provided inside the pack. Just remove the USB charger cap at the back of the bike light unit, plug the cable into the USB port and then connect the wire to a mobile phone or laptop for simple charging with a charging time of 2-4 hours. When complete, simply remove the plug from the light, rechargeable bike lights, cover the USB port back up with the USB cap and off you go!


On the top of the bike light lies the operating On/Off Power switch, press the switch to turn the light unit on and the indicator light will flash a blue LED or bicycle phone charger. Each time the power switch is pressed the next mode will be activated until you reach the mode that is required. When daylight reduces, the automatic light-adjusting function will spring into action and activate the lighting and when ambient light increases the lights will turn off for maximum energy saving. When the bike is at a standstill for longer than 3 minutes, the smart light for bike will automatically turn off.

Cyclists – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.


Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 15.8 × 12.9 × 14.4 cm
Bicycle Lamp Light Sensors

A fully rechargeable lithium battery is capable of 1200 mAh, Fully adaptive lighting using the latest technology sensor chip for light-adjusting including energy-saving mode


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