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The FipiLock fingerprint and Bluetooth padlock is a highly effective, state of the art padlock, designed for protecting your bag and belongings whilst you’re on the roads. Being easily attachable onto any bag and convenient to use, save yourself the hassle of your personal items not being secure, and let your own finger be the key.

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Fingerprint and Bluetooth FipiLock Padlock for Bags

To any cyclist who rides, whether as a hobby, a form of exercise, or even just entertainment, the safety and protection of your belongings while riding is paramount and a top priority. You deserve to have the confidence knowing that when you’re traveling, your personal items are safe. So if you are looking for security, without the added stress of forgetting the password or numbers, the FipiLock Fingerprint and Bluetooth padlock has got your back.

It has never been easier to guarantee the safety of the bags that cyclists use and care about most while they use their bicycles. Although attachable to other objects, such as a suitable, this foolproof fingerprint Bluetooth lock specifically designed for bags used by cyclists will ensure that yours will never be at risk of dropping items while you are exercising and that you will never be unable to access it. It has never been more convenient to lock your belongings whilst on the road. Just download the E Lock app,  open it, wake up the padlock, and connect to it. The original, generic password is “123456”, which can be changed upon entering the lock. It is also very simple to tell when your fingerprint and Bluetooth padlock is connected and secure, with the colour green indicating Bluetooth has been activated, and a red light showing you that it is not yet working or secure.

The clever FipiLock padlock allows you to add your fingerprint quickly and smoothly. After clicking confirm, you just need to place your finger on the icon in order to record it, and after 5 scans and recordings of your finger, it will automatically be saved. Unbelievably, this modern, state-of-the-art device can store up to 40 sets of fingerprints, making it perfect for friends who share the same bike bag, or trusted family members who enjoy borrowing this clever lock. The fingerprint, Bluetooth device makes deleting fingerprints convenient too. To delete them, all you need to do is press your finger on the panel for 6 seconds, until the red light is flashing, followed by a long beep sound. This innovative device has never been better at protecting your backpack. It even tells you when have forgotten to lock it, by not flashing or lighting up when you touch it, which indicates it is not yet locked.

With a protection level of IP65, and working in temperature ranging from -20C to +55C, this fingerprint and Bluetooth padlock will look after your belongings, no matter what the circumstances. You can be confident and happy cycling, knowing that your bags are secure and safe, even when they’re out of sight on your back.

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CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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