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Enjoy the peace of mind when cycling and driving with the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump. This handy item will enable you to pump up your car or bike tyres while on the road thanks to its innovative wireless design, plus it’s a great design for beach inflatables and balls too. Simple to use and compact in size, the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump is a convenient item for both motorists and cyclists, plus it has the ability to charge your phone and boasts an LED light for those night time emergencies too.

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TAP-05A Smart Wireless Inflation Pump

The innovative Smart Wireless Inflation Pump is a must-have accessory for cyclists and motorists, as it enables you to inflate your car and bike tyres with ease. Within just a few simple steps, you can be pumping up your tyres to the required pressure in a safe and convenient way, without the need for an electrical source. The Smart Wireless inflation Pump comes with a carry case and four different adapters, so all you need to inflate your tyres whilst out on the road, no matter whether you’re cycling or in a car. In addition to this, the device can be used to charge your phone whilst out and about too.

What are the features of the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump?

The Smart Wireless Inflation Pump’s main feature is that it can be used to inflate tyres without having to worry about a troublesome cord. Simply attach the battery case to the main unit and you’ll be pumping up your car or bike tyres in no time. This is far more convenient than having to find an electrical source to plug into, especially if you’re out cycling on the road when this just wouldn’t be an option. This bicycle tyre pump adapter is very easy to transport as it comes with its own carry case and its lightweight, compact design makes it perfectly portable for both cyclists and motorists. Plus, the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump can be used to pump up inflatable toys and balls too, and its small size makes it ideal for popping into your beach bag for a day out with the family.

For flat tyre emergencies in the dark, the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump has an LED light which is very handy if you need to use it at night, and this can be activated with a simple touch of a button. It also has the ability to charge your phone while out on your trip, which is another feature that provides peace of mind. this product comes with four different adapters, so you can be confident that you have the right one for whatever it is that you need to inflate. Another great feature of the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump is its LED screen, as this clearly displays all of the information required to inflate your tyres or toys safely and efficiently.

How do I use the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump?

Using the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump is easy! To begin with, check that the battery has enough charge by pressing the battery button. There is a charging cable provided with this product for easy charging should the battery not have enough power. Then, simply attach the main unit to the battery case and press the power button so that the LED screen lights up. Once the pump has been switched on, you can set the pressure that you’d like the pump will work towards the last pressure that was entered. After you have programmed the required pressure the LED screen will flash, and when it stops flashing it is ready to use.

Connect the air hose to the pump and use one of the adapters to attach it to the tyre or toy that you want to inflate. The LED screen will then display the current pressure of the item. When you’re happy to proceed, press the power button to start inflation. When the pump reaches the preset pressure, it will stop inflating automatically thanks to its pressure detection feature, so you can be confident that your item won’t be pumped up to beyond the recommended pressure.

Smart Wireless Inflation bicycle tyre pump adapter specifications

The smart Wireless Inflation Pump is 221 x 55mm in size and weighs just 400g. Its max current is 5A, inflation speed is 25-35L/min, and max inflation speed is 150psi. It takes just 40 minutes to charge the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump’s battery, and the length of its air hose is 120mm. The pump can be used for up to 8 minutes continuously. If you need to use the pump for longer than this in one go, you should take a 3-minute break after 8 minutes.

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CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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