When the bitter temperature bite it can be a chore to get out on the bike. Don’t be alone in thinking that’s you who feels this, as that’s not the case. That’s why a helping hand is provided in the form of these Adventurer X1  High Visibility LED Signal Indicating Winter Cycling Gloves. In addition to the warmth needed in cold temperatures, the gloves also enable you to signal your direction intentions to other road users.

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Adventurer X1 High Visibility LED Signal Indicating Winter Cycling Gloves

Winter sucks for cyclists – it’s cold, it’s dark, and staying inside in the warm is more often than most not much more appealing than braving bracing conditions out on two wheels. However, whether commuting on your bike is your only option, you’re training for an event, or cycling is your preferred form of exercise, we hear you when you say regardless of how cold it is, getting out on the bike is just unavoidable. So if you need a hand, here’s one..well, in fact, here are two provided by the Adventurer X1 High Visibility LED Signal Indicating Winter Cycling Gloves.

Providing the warmth needed for winter out on the bike, the Adventurer X1 High Visibility LED Signal Indicating Winter Cycling Gloves are made from durable and windproof fabric. Whilst the IPx-6 waterproof equipped ability means that the gloves are able to stand up to everything from a heavy downpour to sleet, snow showers, and driving hail.

The winter qualities of these gloves don’t end at their abilities in keeping your hands warm and dry though. Going beyond that, they are also here to lend a hand to keep you safe too. And it’s here which they really shine, featuring innovative technology that will enable you to easily signal your intentions to other road users.

Equipped with high visibility LED, the gloves feature gesture control. This technology means that the LED in the gloves will automatically flash when your hand is vertical and will turn off when your hand is horizontal.

What’s more, they also have an automatic daylight sensor – this means that they will automatically turn on and off in day/night environments.

If you are looking for constant illumination, the gloves can also provide that. Press the gloves once for a dimmer light flash, twice for a brighter flash, three times for constant illumination, and four times to turn off the light completely.

Wherever you venture, the Adventurer X1 High Visibility LED Signal Indicating Winter Cycling Gloves will provide you with the light needed to make other road users aware of your presence.

They are easily charged too,  simply charging using a micro USB to USB cable and plugging into any available  USB port you have to gain their power. Once fully charged, you can expect to get 4.5 hours of continuous use from them.

The gloves are fully washable and can be thrown in the machine after a tough ride, with the LED module simply detaching via its Velcro attachment so that the gloves can be washed.


  • Automatic wireless signal indicator
  • Smart day/night sensor
  • High visibility LED lights
  • Rechargeable Micro USB lithium battery
  • 4.5 hours battery life when fully charged
  • IPx-6 waterproof rating


Please note: Due to international sizing differences, these gloves are labeled as XL but are not true to UK size. We recommend going a size up if you would usually wear an L glove size.

For hygiene reasons, unless this product has a fault, we cannot accept returns once the seal has been broken, please understand, thank you.

Cyclists- please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.


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