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Made for cycle commuters, the TF550 RHINOWALK Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag will have your possessions transported from A to B safely, securely, and kept dry regardless of the weather you encounter en-route.

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TF550 RHINOWALK Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag

The TF550 RHINOWALK Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag is a perfect choice for cycle commuters heading out in unpredictable British weather.

Providing ample storage for your essentials, this waterproof bike saddle bag eliminates the need for a backpack to be worn whilst riding – or if you do choose to wear one, it just means that there is more room to carry additional items and the essentials are a little closer to hand. It also means that your pockets aren’t full of your things and with the risk of them falling out.

Perfect for British weather – if there is a sudden downpour, it won’t spell disaster for this saddlebag. That’s because it’s fully waterproof and made to stand up to everything from a short, sharp shower to torrential rain.

The waterproofing of this bag comes courtesy of its rugged construction. Made to be waterproof, this bag is constructed from 420D PVC nylon and is sealed utilizing a high-frequency, hot-pressing seamless welding process, meaning not a drop of water can make its way through. Whilst a simple but effective rolling closure provides you with the confidence that the rain will stay away from your things.

With this kind of waterproofing technology, you won’t be foolish to utilize the bag for storing your electrical items. In fact, that’s exactly what it is perfect for. Providing a dry sanctuary to your precious possessions, this waterproof bike saddle bag is designed specifically for the storage of a smartphone. So regardless of whether you are Apple or Android, there will be a home for your phone in this saddlebag.

Whilst ensuring you are always prepared for what the road ahead might throw up, the saddlebag also contains enough storage space for a spare inner tube, a puncture repair kit, a multi-tool, and a bicycle spanner. And if you’re not just using your bike to get from A to B but instead for more serious exercise, the bag also makes for great storage for energy gels to power you on to the next pit stop.

To keep things organized, the bag features an independent compartment pocket, making it easy to separate your different items and ensure you always know exactly where your keys are.

With safety in mind too, the saddlebag also features reflective printing on the sides and back, which will aid your visibility in dark and low-light conditions. The safety features of the bag continue with the ability to affix a tail light to the back, ensuring other road users can see you whilst riding out at night and when there is poor visibility.

Ensuring a secure fit to your bike, the TF550 RHINOWALK Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag is attached using a three-point fixing system. This will provide a solid fixture to your bike and put your mind at ease that the bag isn’t going anywhere whilst you ride.

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code


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