The WFC-380 Universal Car Phone Charger will allow you to charge 3 devices conveniently from your car. In addition to this, it works with the Car Parking Finder app so you will always be able to find your car wherever you have parked it.



    WFC-380 Mobile Car Charger with free Parking Finder app

    Never lose your car or run out of charge again!

    We’ve all been there, we are in a rush and we hurriedly park our car in the last remaining spot not really taking much notice of where it is. Whether this is in a large car park close to home or in a place you’ve never visited before, when you return to your car but simply can’t find it, it is nothing short of frustrating!

    We feel your pain! And this is why we introduce to you, the WFC-380 Universal Mobile Car Charger for use with the Car Parking Finder app.

    Available for free on iOS and Android, the Car Parking Finder app will automatically log your car’s last parking location and check your car battery status.

    Simply plugging into your car cigarette lighter, the WFC-380 Universal Mobile Car Charger has 3 USB power outputs for convenient charging of your devices. The universal nature of the USB  ports means it doesn’t matter whether you want to charge an Apple iPhone, an Android smartphone, your laptop or camera – so long as you have the charging cable, you will be able to charge your device fight from your vehicle!

    Incredibly small, the WFC-380 Universal Mobile Car Charger won’t be obtrusive when plugged into your car cigarette lighter and when not in use it can simply be popped in your glove box with ease.

    Product features

    • Charge up to 3 USB devices at once
    • Simply plugs into your vehicle’s 12V cigarettes lighter power socket
    • Designed for use with the Car Parking Finder app, available for free for Android and iOS devices
    • Measure  and log car battery voltage status by week, by month and by year
    • Red LED – The product is working without Parking Finder function due to app disconnection
    • Orange LED – The product is working with Car Parking Finder function

    Product specification

    • Power input: DC 12V input
    • Power output: 2 ports 5V/2.4A output, 1 port 5V/1A output
    • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 75mm
    • Weight: 30g

    Additional information

    Weight0.30 kg

    Black, White

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