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Ensure you’ll be safe and seen on your bike with this easy-to-use Intelligent KXK-03 Remote Control Rear Bike Light. With indicator and brake LED lighting options as well as laser ‘virtual lane’ lighting, you’ll be fully visible even on the darkest of roads. The KXK-03 Rear Bike Light with wireless remote puts you in full control while on the go.



KXK-03 Intelligent Remote Control  Rear Bike Light

The KXK-03 Intelligent Remote Control Rear Bike Light is designed for ultimate visibility while on the move thanks to its laser lane capabilities. With 8 different lighting configurations, you’ll be safe and visible in any scenario.

Control every aspect of your visibility using the 4-button remote, which easily and securely attaches to your handlebars.  The remote pairs wirelessly with the Bike Light, for fast and hassle-free installation. No more tangled cables while riding.

With the added feature of a ‘virtual lane’ laser light, the Bike Light will provide an additional layer of protection. The virtual lane will warn cars and other road users that are approaching you that you’re there, giving extra special awareness to any passing vehicles. Designed for low light conditions, choose from a steady laser light or a flashing red beam to ensure ultimate visibility while riding your bike.

The bike light offers high visibility from a wide-angle range, with dazzlingly bright LEDs which are visible from up to a mile away in low light conditions and can even be seen during the day.

Not only will the light improve your visibility while riding, but it will also help make turning safer. The left and right indicator LEDs are easy to operate. Simply tap the left or right button on your remote and let other road users know which way you intend to go exactly as you would in a car.

The indicator feature can also be used the same way as a car’s ‘hazard lighting, with the option to flash both and indicate a warning to other road users at the touch of a button.

In addition to these important bike safety features, the option of a steady or flashing red rear light helps you to add more visibility or indicate that you are slowing down.

The Intelligent KXK-03 Remote Control Rear Bike Light isn’t just easy to use, it’s easy to keep charged too. The advanced long-lasting lithium battery provides 1200mA of power, transmitting to an average of 15 hours of continuous use. Fast USB charging means you’ll be ready to use again in no time.

Waterproof to an IPX5 rating, the Intelligent KXK-03 Remote Control Rear Bike Light will stand the test of rain and splashes from roadside puddles with ease. A waterproof Bike Light is vital to ensure visibility even in adverse weather conditions.

The Intelligent KXK-03 Remote Control Rear Bike Light is also flexible enough to be added to other equipment, such as helmets, backpacks, trailer attachments, and more.


  • 8 powerful light modes
  • 15 hours operating time per charge
  • Includes 4-button wireless remote control
  • Powered by a 1200mA lithium battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • Meets CLASS IIIA Laser Safety Standards
  • IPX5 waterproof rated
  • Constructed from environmentally friendly and durable ABS

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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