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The innovative and professional Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display is the perfect bike accessory for those who earn a living on their bikes, including Deliveroo, Uber Eats employees, self-employed contractors, agents, and couriers.  Through using this creative product to advertise local businesses within your route in your allocated area, you can bring in extra income with very little effort. This cost-effective, wireless, energy-efficient bike wheel display is easy to install and simple to use, making it a fantastic option for cyclists looking to add mobile advertising to their portfolio.

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FH-801 Pro Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display

This Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display is perfect for those who use their bike to earn a living, as it offers an innovative new way to bring in more revenue. By displaying a clear image or video on your bike wheel as you cycle, you can ensure that everyone along your route sees the advertisement, meaning that local businesses, in particular, will be interested in this new form of mobile advertising. This fantastic bike accessory is bound to draw the attention of everyone that you pass, and those who want to advertise in the area you work in will love the opportunity to show off their company in a unique and competitive way.

What is the Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display?

The Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display is a professional, programmable light display system that can be used to show off images and videos as you cycle. It is made up of four lamp arms, whereas most competitor products only have two, and its 416 RGB LEDs mean that it can create 16 million colours, ensuring a highly realistic display. This product can be used to show everything from pictures and videos to graffiti and MP4s, and the display is double-sided and wide-angled, meaning that there is an increased chance of people seeing the advert as you cycle past.

Businesses are always looking for new and creative ways to advertise their products and services, and by offering them the chance to share their advert throughout your local area, you can be sure that this Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display will enable you to bring in extra profit with very little effort. You’ll simply be required to upload the advert media to the SD card that is provided and then insert this into the product. A whole range of different media formats are supported, including JPG, BMP, GIF, AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, QT, FLV, and many more, so you won’t be faced with a challenge when it comes to getting the right file in order to make the Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display work.

What makes the Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display a great product?

There are a number of things that make the Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display a great product for those who use their bike to make money. Firstly, its innovative design sets it apart from its competitors, and by having four arms instead of two you can ensure that you’re getting the clearest image or video available – which will certainly be a hit with potential advertisers. The way that the Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display has been designed makes it extra convenient too, as its extendable structures make it easy to adapt to various flower drums, and the top of each arm has been shaped to be compatible with most wheels sets. Plus, the four arms are perfectly symmetrical which means that your bike will remain 100% balanced, and their streamlined structure ensures that you won’t need to battle with extra wind resistance.

The fact that the Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display is easy to mount also mount it a great product, and it has been designed to be waterproof, with a waterproof grade of IP66, to ensure that you advertise and make money come rain or shine. In addition to this, the Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display features a gyroscope, as you’d find in a mobile phone, which means that the display offers unbeatable quality with smooth, stable images that simply won’t falter, and its LEDs offer the same number of colours as a computer screen.

Another fantastic benefit of the Customisable  LED Bike Wheel Display is that the image or video will show even when you’re cycling at speeds as low as 6-8kmph. This product’s competitor’s tended only to work at 15-20kmph, meaning that this particular display will enable you to show off the advert across a wider range of speeds, which is yet another good selling point for companies who may be looking to spend money on advertising with you.

Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display specifications

The Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display has been made from high-quality material and is suitable for bike wheels measuring 26″ or more. The size of the product itself is 500 x 500 x 36mm and it has a 30,000-hour lifespan. The display’s SD memory card is 16g, and its software support platforms are Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. This product uses a rechargeable 18650 battery and is included. Please see our limited one year warranty on batteries.

Please note to avoid any confusion – this product is packaged and sold per bike wheel and is not packaged for two wheels.

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  1. Adrien

    5.0 out of 5 ????? Fab!

    These lights are FABULOUS! Not only do I feel like a rock star every time I ride, but it significantly improves my visibility! I have people honk, wave, or pull me over to ask about them. Kids (young and old) rush over to see them. The police have stopped me at least twice –in order to film me on their cameras! I have had friends come up to me and say “Hey is that you, I saw on Perkins road!” It’s a blast to program designs custom made for occasions, like football games or Halloween.

    I commute an hour each way to the pool several times a week, and at least half of the ride is in the dark. People have told me that they can see me from a very long distance away, and cars very obviously notice me as I approach intersections ( Important: I also have a separate tail light and headlight from DiNotte Lighting). I have one on each wheel. You might think that is overkill, but as someone who has been hit before at night, these lights are lifesavers. These wheel lights are not that expensive, compared to the competition–but these lights are one of the best investments I have made. When I add up all the fun I have had with them to the added safety benefits, especially with all my night riding, it’s a no brainer. Just check out the cost of one trip to the ER, plus lost time, damage to the bike, yourself, etc.

    These are top quality, very solidly built. They have taken a beating on and off city streets for months now, soaked in downpours and mud, and worked flawlessly. The integrated battery has never run out on me even with the brightest setting during my 2.5 hours of riding. The program for rendering and downloading to the bike from the mac is simple and effective.

    They aren’t perfect–there are some minor quibbles. First, you have to be going at least 6-8kmph. However, this product’s competitor’s tended only to work at 15-20kmph. This is a result of the persistence of the visual effect of our eyes. Of course, I freely admit to riding faster so my lights show up better! Second, although there are buttons for multiple programs, you can only download one at a time. This is not much of a limitation, as you can have, multiple sequences of images or animations on one program. I assume this will show up on a firmware update sometime. Third–although not very heavy, they do add some weight to the wheels. I also would hesitate to use these on rough trail rides, though they have seen a lot of curbs. Fourth: Installation is a bit of a chore, simply because getting around spokes with long flat objects is a pain. I’m very mechanical and it took me about an hour to set up both wheels. However, for the not so mechanical I would say the better part of a day to do both wheels. I really can’t see how they could have made it easier. The step-by-step video is key.

    A tip for those who purchase these; Keep it simple. Although you can download complex videos and graphics people can only see your lights for a few seconds at best. in that short time, they have to see you, see your wheel, and then notice the pattern. I found that animations such as the cat and the dog in the advertisement will not really be as visible compared to some of the other images. It has to be very simple and very obvious. Some of the repeating patterns work best, such as the “mandala” flames or electric bolts rotating out from the center. Surprisingly, letters can show up well. It definitely takes some experimentation, and I have a few neighbours I use to test whether things are visible or not. The lights come with stock images and animations you can use right away. Another tip is that to use Bluetooth I had to open Bluetooth preferences and delete former wheel pairings. Then I had to cycle of power on the wheels off and then on for it to reacquire the Bluetooth pairing.

    In sum–a home run for! Thanks, guys.

    Addendum: After more months and many hours I’ve come to appreciate these lights even more. I have been able to use animations, including the dog chasing the cat, and more that I created or modified myself. I still get at least one, and usually several compliments every time I ride. If you have some knowledge of a video/photo editor like photoshop you can do almost anything!

    • sitemanager

      Hello Adrien,

      Thank you very much for your feedback, we really appreciate your insight and experience of this product. Your comments will be passed on to the manufacturer to help them to improve for future products, once again we appreciate your custom and trust in our company.

      Best wishes,
      Pimp-My-Bike Retail Team

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