Keep tabs on your bike wherever it may be in the world. Fitting discreetly into your bike’s handlebars, the Tail It Bike Tracker utilises GPS, Wi-Fi, and GSM technology to assist you in locating your bike if it has been stolen..or perhaps if you can’t remember where you left it.

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Tail It Bike Tracker

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t even need to be selling the Tail It Bike Tracker. However, we don’t live in a utopia, we live in sprawling urban environments, quiet rural locations, and dark streets where opportunist thieves seize any chance to make away with your bike and deny you of your pride and joy. But whilst the world isn’t ideal and these bike thieves do exist, so does the Tail It Bike Tracker.

Designed to allow you to keep tabs on your bike wherever it is in the world, the Tail It Bike Tracker utilizes GPS, Wi-Fi, and GSM technology to allow you to precisely pinpoint where your bike has got to. With this technology in play, thieves may be able to make off with your bike but the location of your property will always be known.

Working in conjunction with the accompanying  ‘Tail It’ app, available for iOS and Android devices, the Tail It Bike Tracker is paired to the app by way of a QR code or by utilizing the individual number assigned to the device. Once paired to the app, the Tail It Bike Tracker will then be able to beam its location to your phone or tablet, where you will be able to see its exact position on the map and your position, with an accuracy of 5m. Whilst if you would like someone else to be able to track the location of your bike too, this can also be done simply by using the individual number and the Tail It app.

To access all of the Tail Its functionality, a subscription plan is required. However, this is very reasonably priced and ensures worldwide pinpointing.

So that it is not visible to anyone,  the Tail It Bike Tracker is designed to be installed within your bike handlebars. Here, it will be able to be completely hidden with a design that simply slots inside the handlebars and is then held securely in place by tightening its screws with the included screwdriver. The device then fits flush into the end of your handlebars, just like a bar tape plug. Whilst to ensure it’s not obvious that the Tail It Bike Tracker is contained within your handlebars, a dummy plug to make both ends of the handlebars look the same.

To ensure it can’t be removed, the Tail It Bike Tracker is attached to the inside of the handlebar tube, so that no one can tamper with the locking mechanism from the outside. It can then only be removed using the special tool designed by Tail It.

With a flexible design, the Tail It Bike Tracker will easily fit into most flat handlebars and drop handlebars, though it should be noted that it may not fit into handlebars with complex bends and internal cable routing.

To ensure worldwide coverage, the Tail It Bike Tracker is equipped with multiple technologies. One of these is GSM technology and this works by utilizing a SIM card, which is preinstalled inside the device. Before you get started, the SIM card will need to be activated through a simple online activation process.

For position updates, the Tail It Bike Tracker uses both GPS satellites, Wi-Fi, and LBS (Base stations). It will prioritize GPS signals but if it can’t access the satellites, it will use nearby WiFi to triangulate its correct position. If it can’t access WiFi either, it will utilize LBS to update its map position. Whilst this isn’t as accurate, it will roughly show you the device position, meaning you are always able to keep tabs on your bike. It should be noted that the Tail It Bike Tracker will not currently work in countries such as Australia and Japan which do not have a 2G network.

With a motion detector, as soon as someone touches your bike, the bicycle tracker will wake up and send you a push notification in the Tail It app. Using the Tail It app, you are able to enter locations where you frequently leave your bike, so it will also notify you when your bike leaves these places.

To ensure you are always able to locate your bike, the Tail It Bike Tracker boasts an impressive 8-week battery life when used in passive mode. This battery life will reduce if you are using the live tracking function which shows the real-time movements of your bike and updates every 5 seconds. However, the device is easily charged by using the mini USB port in the bar end plug, which means the tracker doesn’t need to be removed to charge it.

There is no need to worry about the battery dying and you not knowing though – if you are subscribed to the Tail It subscription plan,  the device will send you a text message to alert you that the battery is running low.

There’s also no need to worry about it being turned off accidentally or even on purpose, as the power button is hidden inside the tube and it can’t be accessed without removing the tracker with the special tool.

Developed in Norway, the Tail It Bike Tracker is designed to cope with weather extremes. The cold won’t be an issue for it, whilst it is rated at IP67 meaning it is completely waterproof. A 2-step molding of the inside housing part makes it completely waterproof and also dustproof.

Most suitable for:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • BMX bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • eScooters
  • Kick bikes


  • Global coverage
  • Live tracking
  • 8-week battery life


  • Dimensions: 41 x 29 x 12mm
  • Weight: 22g
  • SIM card: Micro-SIM, supports GPS and GPRS
  • Antenna 1: GSM, built-in
  • Antenna 2: GPS, built-in
  • Antenna 3: WiFi, built-in
  • GSM/GPRS 4 frequency: 850 + 1900 + 900 + 1800MHz

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CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 52 to 89 of the Highway Code.

Please see the
independent review of the Tail it  Bike Tracker by road.cc, click here to learn more.

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Dimensions 41 × 29 × 12 cm



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