The GoPro Bike Mount provides a range of users with complete recording satisfaction. Out on the bike and looking to capture a special moment? Spot a street performer on the high street and want some quality, unshaken footage? Or perhaps you’re just out shopping and want to remember all your purchases?

Its compact, adaptable, and robust design means bicycle riders can take videos of spectacular scenery, without compromising riding performance, suffering from screen scuffs and scratches, or prolonged periods removing brackets and equipment. This works with any smartphone device, so, purchase your bike phone mount, grab a GoPro bracket (sold separately, mount is compatible), attach to your handlebar/solid cylindrical surface (within 0.8-1.3-inch dimensions) and enjoy your content!

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Multi-functional GoPro Mount

This innovative GoPro Bike Phone Mount puts you in control. Seize the opportunity to capture those special moments of everyday life, without compromising your ability to ride with freedom!

The GoPro Bike Mount offers an efficient, safe and effective solution for anyone looking to capture exhilarating content whilst on the move.

Although commonly used by the cycling community, this item can actually be deployed in a range of contexts, optimizing user capability and product value.

So, whether you’re out on a countryside ride, enjoying an intensive home workout, or meandering through a bustling high-street, the GoPro Handlebar Mount gives you the best platform to record life’s special moments.

Important note- descriptions below detail GoPro Bike Mount capability, to connect to handlebar/surfaces, customers must purchase a GoPro bracket separately. Mount is compatible.

Lightweight and compact in design, this bike phone holder sits comfortably on brackets fitting a number of handling surfaces, which facilitates use on bicycles, motorcycles, baby carriages, shopping baskets & indoor exercise equipment. Indeed, the mount lends itself to any handlebar/robust cylindrical surface; so, if you want to record spontaneously, you’ll know you’ll be able to connect the GoPro Bike Mount (using the GoPro attachment simultaneously, compatible within 0.8″-1.3″ bar sizes) to any nearby post or guardrail, and obtain clear, non-shaky footage in an instant.

This GoPro bike mount offers unrivalled adaptability in a variety of ways. Its retractable functionality means the mount will be able to accommodate all phones models, regardless of size or brand- it will even cater for cases! With allowable dimensions of between 4″-6.5″, and a robust, high-quality elastic silicone band supporting the range extending mechanism, this handlebar mount provides users with the ability to plug-in Apple, Samsung, LG or Huawei devices.

Furthermore, its full adjustment capability permits users to rotate their phones 360° within the bracket; giving you control on whether you format videos to portrait or landscape mode.

The technical bit:

The GoPro mounts for motorcycle is constructed using quality materials, and includes a range of supportive features that enhance rider experience and assurance.

Its silicon sleeve lining and detachable swivel bracket means you can quickly remove phone without having to disassemble the entire stand. The silicone will also serve to absorb shocks, protecting phone surfaces from unwanted scuffs and scratches.

The phone holder also uses two points of contact to maximise handlebar traction- this will mean your product is tethered tightly to the frame (through collaboration with the GoPro bracket). The combination of a hard plastic grip, coupled with a tightly woven silicone net reduces any risk of unwanted phone movement while encountering rough terrains & inclement weather. In fact, the silicone netting stretches to four times its standard length, therefore providing durability far superior to rubber!

The GoPro Bicycle mount incorporates an ‘open face’ design, meaning riders can access all smart phone buttons/inputs with comfortable ease. Owing to this simplicity, users can operate phones with one-hand; drastically reducing risk levels versus attempting to use phone as a ‘free’ device (requiring both hands).

So, you would think with all this built-in capability, installation would be challenging, right? Wrong.

Simply plug your mount into the interface, fix the GoPro bracket onto your handlebar and squeeze the push rod to expand out each of the four gripping corners. Pop the phone onto the mount and away you go! Don’t forget- taking your phone out is extremely easy and does not require full equipment extraction. This will allow you to jump off your bike and use your device freely- without worrying about a protracted removal process. And please, don’t worry about a bulky, heavyweight product compromising your style or cycling performance- the GoPro bike mount registers at 232g on the scales- you won’t even feel it on your handlebar!

So, in the market for a bike phone holder? Need something to look good, allow you to take steady videos whilst out and about, and offer you quality assurance with a range of built-in durability features? Look no further- the GoPro Bicycle Mount is the product for you!

CYCLISTS -please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.


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