Ride safely with XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike light. This multi-functional, powerful bike headlight works as a smartwatch, horn light, electronic horn warning light and tells you about the distance covered speed, and much more. The rechargeable USB bike headlight can be connected to different USB ports so that you can charge it whenever you want. In addition, the multiple sound effects allow you to use it as a horn in traffic and during a challenging ride.

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XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light with 1500mAh Battery

The robust XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light offers a large display screen, five convertible modes, and it provides you with important information, such as the speed and time of the one-way or the whole tip, and more. For those planning to ride their bike after dark, XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light will be an essential piece of kit.

XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light provides you with a wide beam and can be conveniently attached to the handlebar with the rubber strap. The battery life of the rechargeable front bike light is 5-8 hours and the digital screen displays the battery life. With XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light, riding at night will become easy and more enjoyable.

Key Specifications

Multi-Functional: A multi-functional USB bike headlight that can not only be used as a stopwatch horn bike light but as a stopwatch and emergency horn light. It helps you keep track of the distance covered, illuminate light at night, blow horn during traffic, learn about the time and speed for the whole or one-way journey. The lighting mode offered by XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light is suitable for different road conditions. This horn bike light ensures to keeps you safe while you ride.

Powerful and Waterproof: The battery has a capacity of 1500mAh and uses a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be connected to a mobile phone adapter, car USB interface, computer’s interface, and more. The horn bike is made of premium and high-quality ABS material. The surface features piano paint technology, and it is waterproof. The independent switch design allows the user to switch between different modes without any hassle. XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light is easy to use.

Battery Indicator Function: To help you identify when you need to charge the horn, the display shows a cell left in the icon left in the icon, and flashing indicates that the battery is low and needs to be charged. The large display helps you see the numbers on the screen efficiently. The display lets you know about the kilometer covered per hour, total mileage, maximum riding speed, single distance, average speed, the last time the system was hibernated, and more.

Suitable for Different Kinds of Bikes: The universal design of the XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike light makes it a great light option for all kinds of bikes. Whether you have a mountain bike, big road bike, road bike, city bike, hybrid bike, or others, you can easily mount this powerful bike headlight. Install it on any bike you have and ride safely as it will let you see the road clearly and play a warning role through different sound effects, which can be compared to a car whistle.

Easy to Install: The power light is easy to install and disassemble. It stays firmly on the handle because of its sturdy strap-on design. Just install the bracket whenever you go out to ride and take it off anytime you want. The rubber base that fits firmly on the handle won’t become lose no matter how difficult the journey is. This cycling light with a rechargeable horn is thus an ideal choice for most bikes.

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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XA 585 Stopwatch Horn Bike Light with 1500mAh Battery

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