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 The Spolite CT05 rear bike light provides cyclists with ultimate convenience and comfort, whilst simultaneously promoting rider safety and security.

Three settings allow the user to determine light projection based on context and risk level, with a powerful 15 lumen, 16 x SMD red LED light-emitting extremely strong beams. A fast-charging USB function, along with a staggering 56-hour battery life (on its lowest-usage setting), will mean you can cycle extremely long distances in total confidence.

A lightweight, compact design provides no interruption to balance or cycling activity. Furthermore, its robust shell and IP65 waterproof grading mean this rear bicycle light is durable in even the harshest of weather conditions.

Users can install it with supreme ease, and the item comes boxed with all necessary components to fully operate this rechargeable bike light. Furthermore, this product can be adapted to connect to a range of fixtures and fittings; gone are the days where the seat tube is the only location for your light!

So, don’t hesitate, purchase the Spolite CT05 rear bike light today!



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The Spolite CT05 Rear Bike Light promotes rider safety, optimizes user convenience, and looks fantastic- wherever you decide to locate it!

Are you in the market for a product that keeps you safe on evening rides? Keen to acquire a bike light with a slick & compact design, substantial battery life, and variant settings dependent on conditions? Then look no further, the Spolite CT05 rear bicycle light is the right item for you!

This bike back light includes a range of astonishing features that promote rider safety and assurance. It has an impressive 16XSMD red LED, emitting a powerful 15-lumen projection. Furthermore, this bicycle light delivers a 150m night-time visibility range. So, whether near or far away, other road users will certainly know where you are!

Colossal battery life of up to 56 hours will dismiss the need for constant charging, and, when you do ‘plug-in’, a full charge takes a minimal 2 hours. This serves to reduce preparation times and inconvenience levels substantially. The light is equipped with three settings, each designed to give you confidence when riding in different atmospheres.

The lighting options are as follows:

Option 1: Projects a continuous beam that will last for four hours, most suitable for short rides in built-up areas.

Option 2: Fast-flash setting. This produces a rapid on/off lighting display and has a typical one-charge duration time of 9 hours. Perfect for use on medium-length rides in relatively busy settings.

Option 3: Slow-flash setting. Emits a steady on/off beam to alert other road users to your presence. This will give riders 56 uninterrupted hours of rear bike lighting, and therefore is ideal for longer journeys in more remote, quieter environments.

The above specifications are all made possible by a high-performing 602025 polymer battery, powering the light at a rate of 180mAh.

This rechargeable rear bike light is constructed with rider satisfaction and ease of installation in mind. Its lightweight shell registers at just 24 grams, and the frame has a miniature size of 40x22mm. These elements combine to provide no obstruction to balance or cycling motion, ensuring that users have a seamless experience. You’ll forget it’s even there!

The product is manufactured using high-quality polycarbonate plastics, increasing the bike back light’s strength and durability. Furthermore, an IP65 waterproof grading means that this rear cycle light can withstand heavy rainfall for prolonged periods. So, no excuses to get out on the bike in inclement weather!

And, what’s more, installation couldn’t be easier! Each Spolite CT05 light is packaged with all relevant contents required to assemble, charge and operate the product. Customers will receive a strap, hook, USB cable, and taillight. To install, users just need to implement the following instructions: Secure provided strap to the back of taillight

  1. Attach one hook prong to either side of the strap.
  2. Fix the strap onto the desired surface by wrapping around and connecting the hook to another side.
  3. Switch on the bike light. A single click will set your light to continuous; browse through the two other settings by pressing the button again (and again). To switch off, hold the button down for an extended period.
  4. Enjoy your ride!

Lastly, it’s worth noting that this fantastic rear bike light can be attached to a variety of fixtures, not just your seat post. So, whether you want to pop it on your helmet, backpack, or handlebar, you’ll be able to ride securely in all conditions!

This light really is a leading product in its market, harnessing an impressive range of features that promote user safety, comfort and convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Spolite CT05 Rear Bike Light today!

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.


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