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This state of the art, HD digital waterproof video camera is easily attachable with a bracket to your handheld or helmet and is able to record footage for an incredible 3 hours. Whether you are looking for HD photographs whilst on your journey, or are looking to record your surroundings and cycle route, this sophisticated, digital waterproof video camera will capture anything that you desire, in the highest of quality.

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Fully HD Digital Waterproof Video Camera for Bike Handlebars or Helmets

When out on the roads, it is often a common desire for cyclists to be able to capture their surroundings, take interesting pictures to show their family and friends, and just overall document their travels in order to create fun and exciting memories for them to look back on. With this fully HD digital waterproof video camera, it is now possible. This modern, high-quality device comes with everything you could possibly need to enjoy recording whilst cycling – from its own bag to hold and protect the camera, to its own USB cable for exporting footage, and straps and brackets to mount the video camera to your desired recording location.

Behind you are the days when you once used to worry about struggling and dropping your phone whilst trying to record the roads. This clever device comes with a rubber band at the side of the camera, allowing you to securely attach it around your wrist whilst cycling. Not only is this safer for you whilst cycling as both your hands can be on the handlebars, but the risk of dropping or losing your camera is also reduced significantly. Although also bearing handheld, this clever innovative device is incredibly easy to install, through the tightening of a bracket to either your handlebars or helmet, whichever you would prefer. It has never been easier to get using this sophisticated device immediately. After charging for just 4 hours, the video camera is set up and ready to go. By simply inserting a Micro SD card, a small red blinking light will make you aware that the device is running, allowing you to begin recording straight away.

With this modern and high-tech video camera, it has never been easier or more convenient to capture the footage that you have always dreamed of getting. Being waterproof up to 2m, you can enjoy recording your journey, regardless of the weather. In sunshine or in rain, you can pleasantly still capture your cycle, with the comfort from the knowledge that your video camera is still fully working and recording like it is supposed to. The clever device is also to give you 15 hours of torch flashlight when cycling, meaning you can therefore enjoy your ride and record safely with peace of mind, no matter what the circumstances or time of day.

Despite being a video camera, this incredible device also offers many more features that any cyclist will find useful and of importance. Being able to store up to 32GB of data, by recording up to 3 hours of footage, you will never be in a situation where you can’t capture something that is important to you. Featuring a handy USB charging port, this innovative device supports a PC connection, thus allowing you to hook your camera up to your computer at the end of the day, and conveniently view all the photographs and videos you took whilst out riding.

Whether it is fantastic quality, HD photographs that you are interested in taking when out on the roads or recording videos of your routes and adventures along the way, this high tech, advanced fully HD waterproof video camera will allow all of your filming desires to be fully satisfied and will capture memories for you that will last a lifetime.

This innovative Full High Definition 1080p Action Camera is a portable, lightweight camera for all your outdoor cycling adventures. Whether you want to capture an off-road bike ride directly from your point of view or make a film while traveling on a cycling holiday, the camera features a crisp, compact design and is simple to operate.

Create HD videos of all your cycling activities that can easily be transferred to your computer for editing, so you can document the most exciting moments of your life and share them.

Key Features

The Action Camera is packed with exciting features that make it ideal for filming on the move. Here are some of the coolest design elements to check out:

  • Full HDR video capture to record every little detail
  • 5-megapixel lens for great-looking videos and photos
  • Record up to 32GB (around 180 mins) of HD video
  • Take crisp, clean, and color-rich images in JPEG format
  • 2 different video resolutions to choose from
  • 142-degree angle for wide-angle shots
  • lightweight and compact to make it super portable
  • Rainproof, water-resistant cover for outdoor activities
  • Robust and durable for rough terrains
  • Touch LED brightness for filming at night
  • Doubles up as a webcam
  • Equipped with a microphone port
  • Flashlight function lasts up to 15 hours
  • USB 2.0-equipped for file transfers
  • No separate batteries required – charges easily from computer or mains
  • Supports a Micro SD card of up to 32GB (not supplied)
  • Versatile fitting options – can be handheld, fixed on a helmet or bicycle handlebars
  • Available in camouflage only

How to use

The Action Cam is a great choice of outdoor cycling camera for both beginners and experts. Designed to be easy to operate, the camera can be used by amateurs and pros alike, and will always deliver professional results.

Here are a few tips for using the Action Cam safely and effectively:

  • On first use, charge your Action fully from the mains using the included adapter
  • Follow the step-by-step installation guide to set up your camera for the first time
  • Use the included mounting bracket to fit onto your bike handlebars or helmet
  • Plug into your computer to use as a webcam
  • Not suitable for underwater use – the camera is rainproof but not waterproof

Technical Specifications

  • 5-megapixel CMOS lens
  • 142-degree wide-angle lens
  • 1440 x 1080p/30 fps videos
  • 15m pixel photo resolution in JPEG format
  • 4480 x 3360 photos
  • 3 hours of video recording time
  • Long life lithium battery

Product Overview

The Full HD 1080p Action Cam is an essential piece of equipment for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Featuring state-of-the-art video and image capturing technology and robust, lightweight design, users can enjoy the perfect balance of quality and convenience.

Capture your most exciting moments while on the move or stationary with the same precision and energy, and enjoy up to 3 hours of recording time with a premium long-life lithium battery.

Best of all, the USB function means you can easily transfer your videos to any device for editing and sharing. Start your great adventure today with this innovative Full High Definition 1080p Action Camera.

If you are looking for a bike-riding helmet camera that does not loop record, then this is for you. When your memory/SD card is full, then the camera stops recording and does not over-write or wipe out your previously recorded footage with continuous recording.

Please take a look at the demo footage of the video quality where the camera is mounted on a boat where it captures a fishing activity.

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