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This bike comes helmet rear light that will help you ride in dark or night conditions easily. It will act as an indicator and let others know about your presence. With 56 hours long battery life per charge and a visibility range of 200 meters, you can enjoy riding the bike with no concern.

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Adventurer T05 USB rechargeable LED rear bike light review

Riding a bike with no rear taillight can be very dangerous, regardless of whether you are travelling in dark and low light conditioners or during nighttime. The chances of road accidents and collisions will increase by ten folds. If you want to avoid such mishaps and ride your bike with no concern about accidents, instal this amazing LED rear bike light from Pimp-My-Bike Retail.

The Adventurer T05 rechargeable rear bike light comes in five different colours so that you can choose the one best suited to your bike’s design. Besides, it has a lithium polymer battery that can work continuously for 56 hours per charge. Once it runs out of charge completely, use the USB cable to recharge it again. Thanks to five different lighting modes, you can use this rear indicator for signifying different messages to all the drivers driving behind you on road.

Structure of the Adventurer T05 USB rear bike taillight

The Adventurer T05 bike taillight has a circular rim at the centre with a thickness of 2.2 centimetres only. Thanks to its light construction, you can attach it with your bag, water bottle, helmet, and more. In this circular structure, the edge is the luminous part having LED light beneath the polycarbonate casing. At the centre, there is the power button. Using it, you can either switch on or off the light and shuffle through the five modes.

For securely attaching it to your bike’s rear tail, the rear bike light comes with a silicone strap and a buckle system. Once you attach it, the light won’t move from its place, no matter whether you are riding the bike on a smooth or uneven road.

The USB charging port is present at the back so that you can easily recharge it and again use the Mtb rear light during riding.

Key features of Adventurer T05 USB rear bike light

Long battery life

To ensure that you can use the rear bicycle light for the longest possible time, the manufacturer has made the battery with lithium-polymer material. It can get charged up fast using the USB charger and provides power to the LED bead for 56 hours long. As a result, you don’t have to charge it repeatedly every day.

High brightness

Even though LED bead is used for illumination, this smart bike light has high brightness. The light beams can spread widely and can become visible from a range of 200 meters. Therefore, no one would have any kind of problem in seeing your bike and hence, the chances of accidents will be reduced by ten folds. It has a luminous range of 20 LM which is pretty huge as compared to other bike taillights.

Five lighting modes

Despite being a small bike light, it has five lighting modes. In the Breathe 8H mode, the luminous ring will glow continuously. In the Tai Chi 17H and Meteor 14H, the rims will glow in pulsating forms. If you want to slow down the lighting speed, you can put the light in the Slow Flashing 56H or the Strobe 9H mode.


The entire bike rear light is waterproof as it has a certification of IPX64. Therefore, you don’t have to open it and keep it safe in your bag in case it’s raining lightly. Also, you can attach it to your water bottle without being concerned about the product being damaged due to water drops or moisture.

Durable and strong materials

This bicycle backlight is made from two sturdy and strong materials- a polycarbonate casing of the LED beads and an aluminium alloy frame. Due to the combination of these two materials, the product will last for a long time. Furthermore, the straps are made from silicone material which is why it’s quite flexible and can be tied around anything.

The installation process of the USB backlight for bikes

The installation process of this bicycle rear light is as follows:

  1. First, you need to prepare the silicone tape and then attach it with the cardholder of the light at its back.
  2. Make sure that the clip is secured so that the silicone strap doesn’t come out of the hold.
  3. Now tie the strap around any cylindrical object and buckle the belt for securing it.
  4. If you want to attach it to your helmet, you can use the self-adhesive belt easily.

CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 58 to 82 of the Highway Code

Please click this link to learn more from an independent review of this innovative rear bike light.

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Adventurer T05 Rechargeable LED Rear Bike Light, Black


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