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More and more people are taking to two wheels for the daily commute. If you’re one of these people ditching the car and getting on the bike, the X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light will provide you with the safety and visibility you require to alert other road users to your actions whilst out on the road.

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Meilan X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light with Turn Signals

Unclear hand signals and a lack of visibility whilst out on your bike are a thing of the past with the X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light.

Allowing you to keep safe, seen, and let you alert other road users to your actions, the X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light goes beyond a basic bike light and brings turn signals, laser lane functionality, and superb visibility to your bike.

More and more people throughout the UK are taking to two wheels for the daily commute. With an increase in cycle commuters comes an increase in the need for other road users to be alert and aware of cyclists’ presence on the road. If you’re a cycle commuter you will know full well the frustrations that using hand signals to make your intentions known to other road users can present, combined with unclear bike lights can make cycling out on the road a daunting experience. The X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light changes this.

Featuring 30 LED lights, the X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike light produces light that is bright enough to be seen from 150ft away, even in foggy conditions and rainy days.

Whilst being IPX4 waterproof rated means the light is suitable for use in light rain. The combination of this waterproof rating and the bright light it produces means this bike light is perfect for the unpredictable nature of British weather, where it could be sunshine on the way into the office in the morning but scattered showers for your ride home.

With the X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light visibility is key, in addition to the bright light produced, this bike light also features laser line functionality. Utilizing the LED lights, the bike light features the ability to emit parallel lines onto the ground to warn other road users and provide you with your own virtual lane, so that anyone on the road behind you is immediately alerted to your presence.

This visibility continues with the smart capabilities of the light. Enhancing the safety of your bike and providing you with reassurance when commuting, the bike light features right and left turn signals, allowing you to indicate your intentions to turn whilst at a junction.

When you’re coming to a stop, the automatic brake light will come into play and will let everyone else around you know that you are slowing down.

With ambient light detection, the bike light will conserve battery light in strong light environments and automatically turn on your light when you need it. This is ideal for daytime city commuting as it will mean that your bike light automatically turns on should you cycle through a tunnel or should the sun go down and darkness hit whilst you’re cycling.

All of the bike light’s features are controlled by wireless remote control. Attached to the handlebars with the supplied fixings, the remote control allows you to switch the light to different modes with the touch of a button. Choose from super bright, normal, flashing left, left turn signal, right turn signal, and parallel lines.

Allowing for commuting convenience, the X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light is powered by a 2200mAh USB rechargeable battery. Taking just 2 hours to fully charge and providing up to 8 hours of operation, the light can easily be charged via a USB port on your computer whilst in the office, ready for your ride home.


  • Auto light sensor
  • Wireless remote control
  • Laser lane functionality
  • USB charging
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Easy mount and release
  • Unit Size: 110 x 45 x 30mm
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Luminance: 85Lm

Cyclists- please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.


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