Want to ride safely in the knowledge that your favourite devices will stay charged? Need peace of mind that you’ll still be able to make calls when long distances? Desperate to keep your music device powered whilst tackling those tricky hills? Then look no further – this innovative high-end Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger is the product for you! Its slick & modest design reduces excess cabling or clunky gadgets, just integrate your Bicycle Dynamo Generator into your wheel spokes, attach the Bike Dynamo Hub USB Charger, and let your pedaling energy power your chosen device!

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Out of Juice? Charge It With Your Bike!

Stay confident in battery life whilst out on long rides – the Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger converts pedaling energy into powering your USB devices!

Tired of your phone running out of battery life on those long cycling trips out? Want to have confidence that you can make a call and stay safe, even after extended periods on the bike? Keen to listen to your favourite playlists for the full duration, getting you through those grueling ascents?

Look no further – the Bike Dynamo offers you the ability to do it all!

The Dynamo Bike Charger converts your riding energy into powering any USB device – phone, music players, fitness watches – with minimal fuss and maximum results!

Its small, discreet system means you don’t need to lumber excess cables around, the charging dock connects to the Bike Dynamo USB Charger device via a streamlined set of wires. To commerce charging, just start pedaling! The Bike Dynamo Phone Charger will transfer your kinetic energy to the charger and power your chosen device.

Installation is simple. Just follow these 10 easy steps:

  1. Remove the front wheel and align the Bike Dynamo Hub USB Charger to the right-center wheel axis.
  2. Re-attach your quick release to the Mounting Component.
  3. Tighten clamps across individual spokes (be sure to do this evenly, focusing on one clamp at a time. Unevenness/multiple tightening action may cause unwanted vibration).
  4. Remove quick release and Mounting Component.
  5. Check wheel rotation smooth before sliding back onto the frame.
  6. Adjust shockproof rubber to fork, securely tightening with zip ties provided (please ensure this is extremely tight – if dynamo unit shakes whilst in use, damage will occur).
  7. Mount USB Charging unit (adjust the head to roughly 30 degrees if cycling in inclement weather).
  8. Connect Dynamo Charger for Bicycle-to-Bicycle Phone Charger cable and tighten to fork.
  9. To install the bike light, connect wires, cove, and test by spinning wheel.
  10. Lastly, plug in your device, start pedaling, and away you go!

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CYCLISTS – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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