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The Adventurer T09 rear bike light is the ultimate product for preserving rider safety.

Its extensive range of lighting options will enable users to select appropriate displays based on environmental factors and riding distances. Out for a medium-length cycle on a wintry evening? Deploy the powerful probe or breathing flash settings, able to alert traffic users to your presence in a bold and impactful way for periods of over four hours. Or perhaps you’re keen to spend the day tethered to your bicycle? Initiate the slow strobe- this channel will last an unbelievable eighteen hours!

The smart brake mode feature mitigates against risks generated by braking sharply. When activating this mode through two simple pushes of the central command button, road users will be alerted to your braking activity. On the slightest squeeze of your brake handles, the re-chargeable rear bike light will emit a powerful strobe for upwards of three seconds, advertising the stoppage to traffic in your vicinity. Furthermore, its in-built intelligence system will recognize prolonged periods of stationery activity (10 seconds or more) and kick into a sleep state which will serve to conserve battery life. As soon as that pedal is pushed forward, the smart mode will instantaneously re-activate.

It’s constructed using durable, waterproof agents, which means you can rest assured that those long rides in difficult terrains and inclement weather are not compromised by defects or lighting failures. Product assembly is incredibly easy, simply:

  1. Insert silicone band into the back of the product.
  2. Insert buckle into a band
  3. Attach buckle onto seat post; pull out the belt to buckle.
  4. Adjust light position accordingly.

Charging is even easier, remove the waterproof rubber stopper and plug it into a USB port. On acquiring full charge, pop stopper back in, and away you go!

Although it’s easy to emphasize the health & safety elements of this fantastic product, it’s worth referencing its ultra-slim, lightweight design that promotes balance, bicycle aesthetics, and simple assembly. Measuring 39.5 x 29mm, weighing in at 29g, and constructed in a slick circular design, you can have full confidence that this product will look great as well as preserve rider safety.

So, what are you waiting for?! Purchase the Adventurer T09 rear bike light today!



The Adventurer T09 rear bicycle light mitigates against the traffic risks cyclists face daily. Take advantage of its smart braking intelligence, utilise its various lighting settings, and advertise yourself in fifteen-lumen resolution. Purchase today!

Do you ever feel vulnerable to other road users when out for a ride? Perhaps concerned that a vehicle behind will fail to see you braking sharply and consequently cause you injury or harm? Do you, therefore, need a high-quality, reliable product that will mitigate these risks?

Look no further- the Adventurer T09 rear bicycle light will provide total protection and optimize your personal safety when out and about on your bike!

This smart rear bicycle light harbours a range of safety technologies that serve to support the riding user. Five different lighting settings enable an impressive array of options when considering travelling environments and, unlike some rear light models, none of these channels compromises the longevity of battery life. In the intermittent and powerfully projected strobe and breathing flash settings, you’ll be able to comfortably ride continuously for four hours from a single charge. The slow strobe lasts an awesome eighteen hours; no excuses to bail out early!

Perhaps the most compelling feature of this bicycle light is the products smart brake mode; an integration that really does serve to promote user health & safety. Simply double-tap the central command button on the light, and access the intelligent signalling system. When the MTB rear light senses braking activity, it will automatically kick into action, alerting other road users of your presence by emitting a strong strobe light that will last for three seconds. Furthermore, this model facilitates the conservation of battery life; when your bicycle is stationary for periods of ten seconds or longer, the LED lighting will enter a dormant state, before returning to full operation when the bike moves again. An easy double-click will re-direct you out of smart mode, and back to your default light setting.

You can rest assured that this product will remain fit for purpose throughout those gruelling rides in inclement weather and difficult terrains. This ultra-bright rear bike light produces light bursts of fifteen lumens and is powered by a highly-durable lithium polymer battery. It’s constructed using robust plastic and aluminium component parts, and its industry benchmarked IP 64 protection standard means its water repellent and resistant to dust ingress; perfect for those adventurous cycles into the countryside.

Furthermore, this rechargeable rear bike light is incredibly easy to assemble and maintain, liberating you from frustrating set-up times and the risk of defects. To attach the light to your seat, simply follow these four steps:

  1. Insert the provided silicone band into the back of the product.
  2. Insert the provided buckle piece into the band.
  3. Attach the comprised buckle onto your bicycle seat post, pulling out the belt to buckle.
  4. Adjust product position in accordance with personal preference

Our only advice is that you re-charge the product at least once every three months to maintain product effectiveness and efficiency. And charging is even easier; remove the waterproof rubber element at the back of the light and plug it into a USB charging port via the provided cable. On completion, just pop the waterproof cap back in and away you go!

It’s easy to focus on the unrivalled safety features of this smart rear bike light, however, its sporty, compact design will mean that you can enjoy total protection without compromising your style or bicycle’s aesthetics! The product measures 39.5 x 29mm, has an ultra-light shell (29 grams) and is constructed in a slick, circular design; allowing you to look cool, avoid a weighty accessory that causes an eye-sore, and disassemble swiftly.

So, what are you waiting for?! If you need a trusted device that will reduce injury risk through a multitude of safety features whilst looking great on the rear of your bicycle, then purchase an Adventurer T09 rear bike light today!

CYCLISTS -please consult “Rules for Cyclists” section 59 to 82 of the Highway Code!


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Adventurer T09 Rear Bike Light

Adventurer T09 Rear Bike Light, Bike Brake Light, Rechargeable Rear Bike Light


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