Drastically improve your chances of being seen on the road from both the rear and the side with the enhanced visibility you will gain day and night from bar end indicators. The combined weight of both bar end lights is only 55 grams, so it won’t slow you down or affect your ride in any way other than to keep you that bit safer.

The battery life in these handlebar indicators is amongst the very best on the market, with multiple hours of battery life on two coin LR1130/AG batteries. These are ideal accessories for all bike owners and riders available in red, gold, silver, blue, or black.

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Bar End Indicators

These practical and affordable Handlebar Indicators provide additional illumination to reduce the risk of close passes while cycling in poor light. The aluminum alloy bar end lights fit easily onto the end of your handlebars, and their bright output will alert all passing cars as they approach you.

Whether in heavy city traffic or from a distance on a quiet road, the small but very bright bar and indicators delineate the width of your bike to buy you some extra room from passing cars.

Ideally Supplementary Lights, But Ones That Are Impossible to Forget.

The cycle bar end lights, which come either red, gold, silver, blue or black, are best viewed as an additional light, the real beauty is they are live on the bike, so they are impossible to forget. For that reason alone, they are a sound investment. They poke out only 20mm from the end of the handlebar, and at only 55 grams per pair, they won’t weigh you down on the move.

These lights run off two LR1130/AG10 batteries that provide multiple light hours, so there is no excuse for being caught short.

The bar end lights for bikes that could save your life are designed to fit models with a 16-23mm internal diameter, the external diameter is 25-2mm. The width is 300-400mm, clamp diameter is 20-22mm and diameter is 16-22mm.

Given the price of these bicycle bar end lights and the ease with which they install onto your bars, they are almost a ‘must have’ in case you ever get caught out as the sun goes down.

Granted, you will want a central and a more decisive handlebar light for any night riding missions you may be looking to undertake, but the handlebar indicators are perfect for every cyclist who values their space and safety on the road.

Please note: This product does not come with a user manual.

Cyclists – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code.

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