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    “KXK-03 Rechargeable Bike Tail Light” “Indicator Flasher For Bike”

    Wave goodbye to hand signals when riding your bike, as the KXK-03 Remote Control Turn Signal Rear Bike Light will quickly and clearly alert other road users to your next direction and intention on the road.
  • smart light for bikeRechargeable Smart Bike Light X3 2
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    “Smart Light for Bike” “Rechargeable LED Bike Headlight”

    The small body of this innovative bike light comes with a high brightness output, max to 400 lumens, almost like a strong torchlight beam. With a reflective lens that can concentrate more light and release. You can choose from any of the 5 modes from static light, low beam high beam, super-bright beam, and flashing. The white flashing (strobe) mode can be used for the emergency signal. Unique sensor design on the back, when switching to the sensing mode, the Cree LED will work with a dark environment, the brighter the light becomes.