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  • SR-OEM Selle Royal Seta SaddleSR-OEM Selle Royal Seta Saddle
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    “Selle Royal Saddle” “Selle Royal Seta Saddle” “Selle Royal Seta”

    Selle Royal Saddle

    Introducing the Selle Royal Saddle, the ideal solution to your cycling seat needs. With an Italian handmade design, that works for a multitude of cyclists and their road bikes. Selle Royal Saddle Key Features:
    • Handmade Italian Craftsmanship
    • Over 50 Years of Bike Saddle Expertise
    • Unisex Design
    • Ideal for a Range of Road Bikes
    Handmade Italian Design The Selle Royal Seta Saddle brings together years of Italian saddle engineering with modern craftsmanship. With its sleek construction, you get a professional saddle that works perfectly for any rider. And thanks to its design, this saddle is unisex The Selle Royal Saddle is a great all-rounder, working for almost any type of riding position.