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  • FL-U5BT Bike LockFL-U5BT Bike Lock
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    “FL-U5BT Smart Bluetooth Bicycle U-Lock” “Bike Locks & Security”

    Whether cycling in the city or taking two wheels in town, security should never be far from your mind. That's why investing a good lock for your bike is always a great idea. For years, U locks have been the preferred choice of many to anchor their bike to all kinds of things in urban environments. However, the FL-U5BT Bluetooth Bicycle U-Lock takes this to the next level by utilising advanced Bluetooth and fingerprint technology to add additional security.
  • FL-P4 Pro Fingerprint Padlock
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    FL-P4 Pro Smart Digital Key-less Fingerprint Bluetooth Anti-Theft Security Padlock

    The FipiLock fingerprint and Bluetooth padlock is a highly effective, state of the art padlock, designed for protecting your bag and belongings whilst you're on the roads. Being easily attachable onto any bag and convenient to use, save yourself the hassle of your personal items not being secure, and let your own finger be the key.