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    “Bicycle Coffee Holder” “Bike Handlebar Mount”

    Now you can enjoy a hot cuppa on-board your bike. Whether you're cycling to work or enjoying a leisurely ride, travel in style with a hot drink on the go. The aluminum ring is a universal holder for any travel mug (or coffee cup) with a firm grip, it attaches to any handlebar and can be adjusted to size - just like when fitting a bell.
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    “Helmet Camera for Bikers” “Bike Riding Helmet Camera”

    A portable and lightweight HDR video camera for all of your outdoor cycling adventures. Featuring a clear 5MP lens which captures images in JPEG too, this camera can record up to three hours of HD video thanks to its 32GB capacity. It also sports a 142-degree angle for capturing wider shots, and it’s water-resistant to cope with any outdoor weather.