K220 Music Player is one of the first wireless audio technology to combine full CD quality audio with ultra-low power consumption. Thanks to its patented sub-sampling radio architecture, K220 is able to deliver 100% loss-less performance at a fraction of the power consumption of other technologies. The K220 battery life lasts ten (10) times more than other Bluetooth solutions. As a result, the K220 Music Player can utilize smaller batteries to achieve true compact form – without sacrificing sound quality.

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    “Bike Speaker Led Head Light” “Bluetooth Wireless Phone Link” “Portable USB Audio Stereo Bike Speakers” “MP3 Audio Speaker” “Bicycle Handlebar Mount”

    Many cyclists complain that they have no handsfree to answer calls when they are cycling. However, this Bluetooth speakerphone can help you solve this problem, as it enables you to conduct hands-free calls when you are cycling. This speakerphone will remain securely on your bike with the included two hook and loop fasteners. Like other wireless devices, simply connect the speakerphone to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The touch screen panel of the mobile phone makes it easy to accept or reject a call. The volume is also adjustable to your desired level. When a call comes in, a light will turn on to notify you. But when you if do not have incoming calls, you can also use this speakerphone to play music from your mobile phone or mp3 player. If you are ever stuck in a location with electricity, this speakerphone also comes with a high visibility wide angle LED headlight that helps continue cycling.