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  • Turn Signal Cycling GlovesLighting Gloves X1 1
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    Adventurer X1 Winter Cycling Gloves

    The Adventurer X1 indicator gloves are the next generation of cycling gloves - and the brilliant design means that unlike other inferior LED indicator gloves on the market, they are machine washable.
  • Cycling smart glasses & Bluetooth glassesBluetooth MP3 Camera Glasses
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    Bluetooth Camera Glasses

    The sturdy earphones are ultra-comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.  The sunglasses themselves fit nearly all head shapes and sizes making them ideal for both men and women. This product is the advanced version of Bluetooth Sunglasses on today's market and features micro USB, standby time of 10 days, a maximum transmission range of 10 meters, SNR > 60db and a working temperature of 10 - 55°. The kit includes sunglasses camera, earphones, USB cable for downloading images and video to your computer, a clear and comprehensive user manual, a protective case and a lens cleaning cloth.
  • running lights for shoesShoe Lighting Ring 55
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    Flashing Shoes for Cycling

  • Camera Sun Glasses With WiFiLatest Smart Glasses
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    THB968W Smart WiFi Camera Sunglasses

    Go double duty on your next bike ride, as the THB968W WiFi  1080P Full HD Smart Camera Sunglasses are not only designed to shield your eyes from the sun but also film your every view too.
  • WiFi Cycling Smart Camera GlassesSmart Video Camera Glasses
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    WiFi Camera Glasses

    WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses, an ideal piece of kit for every cyclist, contain a discreet camera in the frame capturing video and photographs and is also covered by a 12-month warranty. The recording feature captures video in AVI format while MPEG coding allows for efficient coding of files meaning easy and fast sharing/transferring. With 30 frames Per Second (FPS), this high-quality product allows uninterrupted video playback, which is complemented with audio.