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  • bike air pumpelectric bicycle air pump
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    Bike Pump | Pump for Presta Valve | Electric Air Pump

    Get the best out of cycling challenges and road trips with a functional electric pump that works. AP2 Electric Air Pump is suitable for all your needs in the home and outdoors. The tyre pump electric is a multipurpose mini bike pump for the Presta valve that can pump balloons, basketballs, footballs, and rugby balls. Get ahead of the emergency game with a bike pump that prevents the stress of always changing a flat tyre by the side of the road. AP2 Electric Bike Pump supplies the pump for your bicycle on mountain biking challenges. Equip the home with a mini bike pump that supplies the pressure needed. With a 2000mah capacity, the AP2 Car Tyre Inflator lasts for up to 600hours after a 3 to 4hour charge. It has a pressure sensor and allows users to automatically preset the valve. AP2 Pump For Presta Valve is easy to use with simplistic functions and a portable design. The digital tyre inflator device also stores the memory of previously preset valve pressure allowing you to pump subsequently without having to reset. The great digital electric bike pump invention with minimal noise and high functionality is what AP2 Electric Air Pump offers! Shop Now!
  • Bike Tool Kit 10Bike Tool Kit 5
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    Bike Tool Kit | Bike Puncture Repair Kit | Bike Repair Kit

    Our bike repair tool kit has a comfortable, rubberized grip or a gorgeous polished chrome finish with rounded edges that make using them a pleasure. Knowing how to care for and repair your bike will save you time and money, make your rides more pleasurable, and provide you with a wonderful sense of satisfaction.
  • Smart Wireless Inflation Pump
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    Electric Mini Bicycle Pump | Portable Bike Pump | Air Pump

    Enjoy the peace of mind when cycling and driving with the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump. This handy item will enable you to pump up your car or bike tyres while on the road thanks to its innovative wireless design, plus it's a great design for beach inflatables and balls too. Simple to use and compact in size, the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump is a convenient item for both motorists and cyclists, plus it has the ability to charge your phone and boasts an LED light for those night time emergencies too.