New Additions to Our Collection At Pimp-My-Bike Retail

New Additions to Our Collection At Pimp-My-Bike Retail

In 2020, one of the things we wanted to do at Pimp-My-Bike Retail was to introduce a range of new bicycle accessories that will define what cycling will look like for years to come. So, in this blog, we will list down some of our newly added products that will surely prompt you to update your cycling gear.

Without any further ado, let’s get started…


Smart Wireless Inflation Pump

When you get a flat tyre, a portable and smart wireless inflation pump can help you get back on the road easily. Our bicycle tyre pump adapter has an innovative design that allows you to pump your bike or car tyres. It comes with a carry bag and four different kinds of adapters.

One of the major reasons why it’s an absolute must-have is that it is wireless. All you need to do is attach the battery case to the main unit and start pumping your car or bicycle tyre in no time. It is easy to carry and can be used for other products like – inflatable balls, pool and toys.

Another feature that is rare to find in any other inflation pump is its ability to charge your phone. While out on a trip, you can ensure complete peace of mind knowing that your phone won’t run out of your battery.


Meilan X5 rear bike light

If you’re eager to start cycling not just to avoid traffic but to remain fit, it is essential that you purchase the right cycle gear. The wireless remote control bike light with turn signals is one of the best Pimp-My-Bike Retail accessories, to begin with. Aside from being cool ‘look-wise’ it adds to your personal safety especially when you are riding at night.

Along with keeping you safe and seen, it alerts other cyclists, drivers and road users. It offers incredible features like turn signals, laser lane functionality, and superb visibility. All the features can be controlled through wireless remote control. The remote control permits you to choose different light modes with a single touch.

We feel, it is the ultimate bike light accessory. It conserves battery light in strong light environments and turns on your light automatically when needed.



If you’re bored with cycling in the same area and want to take up an adventurous route, make sure you have the right accessory for it. With our bike computer with maps,  you never have to worry about getting lost. It will provide you with exact navigation and ensure you know where you are going.

It’s called ‘bicycle computer’ because it records the statistics of your ride. From the speed and distance covered to calories burnt, riding time, altitude, and split times. The adventure lover in you will be able to analyse your performance and determine the areas where you can improve the next time.

It comes with in-built Bluetooth BLE4.0 and an ANT + wireless connection capability, which meansyou, can even connect other devices with it.


Universal WFC-380 Car Charger

This isn’t a regular cycling gear. It is in fact, a car accessory that allows you to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Additionally, it acts as a Car Parking Finder app and becomes your saviour when you forget where you parked your car.

It performs two major tasks at once – ensures you never run out of charge or lose your car.

Just like our bicycle phone charger, it allows you to charge your phone and other devices on the go. It has universal USB ports, allowing you to charge iPhone, Android smartphones, camera, or laptop.

Over to You

Our bicycle accessories UK are innovative and smartly designed. We source all our goods from reliable and reputable suppliers from abroad and here in the Pimp-My-Bike Retail UK. So, if whether you’re looking for a basic accessory or one that is advanced – we’ve got you covered.

Browse our website and take a look at all our products today! If you have something to share with us, a query or a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to address your concerns and take up your suggestions to improve our service.

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