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  • FL-P4 Pro Fingerprint Padlock
    0 out of 5

    Fingerprint Padlock | Security Padlock | Alarm Padlock

    The FipiLock fingerprint and Bluetooth padlock is a highly effective, state of the art padlock, designed for protecting your bag and belongings whilst you're on the roads. Being easily attachable onto any bag and convenient to use, save yourself the hassle of your personal items not being secure, and let your own finger be the key.
  • Multifunctional smart Bluetooth activity tracker motionuCatch Packaging 1
    5.00 out of 5

    Fitness Activity Tracker | Baby Monitor with Motion Sensor | Key Finder

    The uCatch Motion, Range and Activity Detector is a multi-function device designed to provide the ultimate in peace of mind. Whether you use it for its anti-theft features, its key functionality, or as a baby monitor, this device will have you covered.
  • Kappa Pro Bike SaddleKappa Pro Bicycle Saddle White
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    MTB Saddle | Ergon MTB Saddle | Road Bike Saddle

    The SKORPION Kappa Pro Saddle provides optimal performance for competitive riders. The reinforced plastic base is covered with a layer of superlight foam for the right amount of comfort. The flat shape of the saddle allows movement on the saddle and maximum performance.
  • Sport Saddle PSD-193PSD-193 Sport Saddle
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    MTB Saddles | Womens Bicycle Saddles | Road Bike Saddle

    The MTB and Road Bike Saddle is the best saddle for you! Get on with cycling tough rocky roads and highways with a guaranteed road bike saddle that is tight fixed, sturdy, and pliable for your sit bone. The mountain bike seat offers comfort for the pelvis and gives great balance. The product is suitable for first-time and experienced cyclists. Get this comfortable bike seat for your bicycle. The saddle is built with a universal design that fits the sit bone of both women and men. Professional cyclists and casual road racers can use this bike saddle. The black stylish finish is suitable for all bicycle designs offering a clean and beautiful outlook to your bicycle. MTB and Road Bike Saddle is the quality ride companion you need!
  • White-Blue Stereo Bluetooth HeadsetWhite-Blue Stereo Headset
    0 out of 5

    PS4 Headset | XBOX Headset | PS5 Headset

    Forget tangled wires, enjoy wire-free music on the go with this Stereo Bluetooth Headset. Compatible with a range of devices - if it has Bluetooth, you will be able to use this headset with it. This means the headset can be used with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.
  • Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber
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    Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber | Bike Seat Shock Absorber

    Tackle the toughest of terrain in complete comfort with the Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber. Whether you're cycling across the city or taking it backcountry on the trails, the Rinsten Spring has got your back...and your knees.
  • SR-OEM Selle Royal Seta SaddleSR-OEM Selle Royal Seta Saddle
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    Selle Royal Saddle | Selle Royal Seta Saddle | Selle Royal Seta

    Selle Royal Saddle

    Introducing the Selle Royal Saddle, the ideal solution to your cycling seat needs. With an Italian handmade design, that works for a multitude of cyclists and their road bikes. Selle Royal Saddle Key Features:
    • Handmade Italian Craftsmanship
    • Over 50 Years of Bike Saddle Expertise
    • Unisex Design
    • Ideal for a Range of Road Bikes
    Handmade Italian Design The Selle Royal Seta Saddle brings together years of Italian saddle engineering with modern craftsmanship. With its sleek construction, you get a professional saddle that works perfectly for any rider. And thanks to its design, this saddle is unisex The Selle Royal Saddle is a great all-rounder, working for almost any type of riding position.
  • WFL-580 Smart Bike Rear LightWFL-580 Smart Bike Rear Light
    0 out of 5

    Smart Bike Light |Brake Light For Bike | Cycle Rear Light

    Taking bike lights to the next level, the WFL-580 Smart Bike Rear Light does more than just alert other road users to your presence. Using Bluetooth technology, the light can be controlled using your smartphone. Using its Google Maps functionality, it allows you to easily trace your bike. Whilst, its anti-theft functionality alerts you should your bike be removed from where you left it. Plus, in this upgraded version, the smart light now has automatic brake light.
  • Smart Bike Rear Light WFL-380SMART LIGHT FOR BIKE
    0 out of 5

    Smart Bike Tail Light | Bike Back Light | Rear Light For Bicycle

    WFL-380 Smart Bike Rear Light features an intelligent real-time covert IOS Android bicycle parking location of your bike using Google Maps on your smartphone to trace your bike. Other features include - Bluetooth, Smartphone controlled Smart Lighting, Bike Parking Finder, Anti-Lost Warning/Alert, Live Google Maps, Vibration Warning/Alert, IOS Android Compatible.
  • Classic Saddle
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    Vintage Bike Saddle | Retro Bike Saddle | Classic Bike Saddle

    Anyone who spends enough time on their bike will know the pains that a poor saddle can bring. Saddle sore is a whole world of pain which can be a downside to cycling. However, it needn't be this way - the SKORPION Classic Touring Bike Saddle is here to free you from this numbness and pain.
  • WiFi Cycling Smart Camera GlassesSmart Video Camera Glasses
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    WiFi Video Camera Glasses | Wireless Camera Glasses | WiFi Spy Glasses

    WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses, an ideal piece of kit for every cyclist, contain a discreet camera in the frame capturing video and photographs and is also covered by a 12-month warranty.