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  • Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber
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    Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber

    Tackle the toughest of terrain in complete comfort with the Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber. Whether you're cycling across the city or taking it backcountry on the trails, the Rinsten Spring has got your back...and your knees.
  • smart light for bikeRechargeable Smart Bike Light X3 2
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    Smart Light for Bike

    The small body of this innovative bike light comes with a high brightness output, max to 400 lumens, almost like a strong torchlight beam. With a reflective lens that can concentrate more light and release. You can choose from any of the 5 modes from static light, low beam high beam, super-bright beam, and flashing. The white flashing (strobe) mode can be used for the emergency signal. Unique sensor design on the back, when switching to the sensing mode, the Cree LED will work with a dark environment, the brighter the light becomes.
  • Camera Sun Glasses With WiFiLatest Smart Glasses
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    THB968W Smart WiFi Camera Sunglasses

    Go double duty on your next bike ride, as the THB968W WiFi  1080P Full HD Smart Camera Sunglasses are not only designed to shield your eyes from the sun but also film your every view too.
  • Multifunctional smart Bluetooth activity tracker motionuCatch Packaging 1
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    uCatch Motion, Range and Activity Detector

    The uCatch Motion, Range and Activity Detector is a multi-function device designed to provide the ultimate in peace of mind. Whether you use it for its anti-theft features, its key functionality, or as a baby monitor, this device will have you covered.
  • VR Special Anti-Theft Locker
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    VR Special Anti-Theft Locker for BVR Bike Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

    It's sad but as a cyclist or a motorcyclist, security should always be at the forefront of your mind. This is the same story whether it's your bike, your bag, your cycle computer, or in this case, your BVR camera in question. Thankfully, this VR-Special Anti-Theft Locker provides the peace of mind needed to ensure your camera remains secured to your helmet.
  • Smart Bike Rear Light WFL-380SMART LIGHT FOR BIKE
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    WFL-380 Smart Bike Rear Light

    WFL-380 Smart Bike Rear Light features an intelligent real-time covert IOS Android bicycle parking location of your bike using Google Maps on your smartphone to trace your bike. Other features include - Bluetooth, Smartphone controlled Smart Lighting, Bike Parking Finder, Anti-Lost Warning/Alert, Live Google Maps Bike Tracking, Bicycle tracker, Bike computer with maps, Vibration Warning/Alert, IOS Android Compatible.
  • WFL-580 Smart Bike Rear LightWFL-580 Smart Bike Rear Light
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    WFL-580 Smart Bike Rear Light with Automatic Brake Warning Light

    Taking bike lights to the next level, the WFL-580 Smart Bike Rear Light does more than just alert other road users to your presence. Using Bluetooth technology, the light can be controlled using your smartphone. Using its Google Maps functionality, it allows you to easily trace your bike. Whilst, its anti-theft functionality alerts you should your bike be removed from where you left it. Plus, in this upgraded version, the smart light now has automatic brake light.
  • WiFi Cycling Smart Camera GlassesSmart Video Camera Glasses
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    WiFi Camera Glasses

    WiFi Video Recording Sunglasses, an ideal piece of kit for every cyclist, contain a discreet camera in the frame capturing video and photographs and is also covered by a 12-month warranty. The recording feature captures video in AVI format while MPEG coding allows for efficient coding of files meaning easy and fast sharing/transferring. With 30 frames Per Second (FPS), this high-quality product allows uninterrupted video playback, which is complemented with audio.