No More Excuses! Find the Motivation to Ride a Bike Again

No More Excuses! Find the Motivation to Ride a Bike Again

Want to start riding your bike again but cannot find the motivation for it? We’ve got you covered. 

All of us struggle with motivation to ride a bike, even the professionals do. Sometimes you just want to lie in bed, hit the snooze button, and laze around all day. But then the reality hits and you’re left sulking that you wasted the entire day doing nothing.

Don’t worry. You can get back on track by following the right steps. If you’ve always loved riding a bike, we have some motivating tips that will compel you to start cycling again.

Cycling Motivation – 8 Ways to Make It a Habit

  • Set a Goal in Mind

Whether you’re taking up cycling to lose weight, to take part in an upcoming event, or simply wish to develop a healthy habit; setting a specific goal in mind will help you stay motivated and focused. Remind yourself every day that why you are doing this and you will never lose motivation.

  • Make the Most of Your Time

Oftentimes, we tend to give up on goals due to lack of time. ‘Time’ is only an excuse that is preventing you from your goal. Even if you can take 30 minutes out of your schedule to ride a bike, it’s going to help. Give your best in that half an hour and make every minute count. Once you’re used to riding, you can gradually increase the time.

  • Evaluate your Performance

Use a bike computer with maps and keep track of how much you ride each day. Compare your performance metric every week and when you obtain a good result, take a picture of yourself or a screenshot of your achievement. Then, share it on social media or save it somewhere you will see it regularly.

  • Ride with your Friends

Everything becomes more fun when your friends join you. The same goes for cycling! Meeting a group of like-minded people for a bike ride will keep you happy and motivated at the same time. If you don’t have friends who live nearby, you can enroll in a cycling club.

  • Find Inspiration from Social Media

Social media is an exceptional source of motivation to ride a bike. Follow some cycling enthusiasts or professionals and take inspiration from them. Use the information they offer to enhance your performance.

  • Invest in Cool Accessories

Riding alone and every day can get boring. Make your experience enjoyable by investing in some smart and useful accessories like Bike Handlebar Mount (to carry your favourite beverage along), Bike Riding Helmet Camera (to capture pictures and videos of your adventures), Smart Bike Rear Light (alerting other road users to your presence), and more.

  • Get Proper Rest

Lack of rest results in a lack of motivation! When you take up a healthy habit like cycling, make sure you don’t overdo it. Getting adequate rest and recovery is highly important. It keeps you fresh, positive, and motivated. Create a schedule to strike a balance between work, family, cycling, and rest.

  • Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself

When you achieve a specific goal, especially the one that motivated you to take up cycling, reward yourself. Take some time off to celebrate the achievement and then move to the next challenge.


If this blog of ours instilled even the tiniest bit of motivation in you, please let us know.

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