Cyclists are Better and Safer Drivers, Study Finds

Cyclists are Better and Safer Drivers, Study Finds

A lot of us do not realize it but cycling on the road isn’t as easy as it sounds. Besides putting physical effort, a cyclist requires processing a whole lot of information to get around safely. This includes – traffic signals, road positioning, the behavior of other commuters, potholes and more. This challenge tends to magnify in heavily built-up cities or downtown areas. Cyclists are better drivers.

As cyclists, we learn to be more vigilant on the road. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that we are way better at navigating and evaluating our surroundings than the average commuter. Moreover, we’re aware that the expense of careless riding can be a serious injury, or something even more awful.

So, if cyclists are more attentive, it is only natural to assume that these skills benefit us when we get in the driver’s seat. You’d be surprised to know that even a study published in the Journal of Accident Analysis & Prevention states that – cycling experience is associated with more efficient attentional processing for road scenes.

But, What Does This Mean for Cyclists?

If you are cyclist and also a driver, here’s how you’ll have an upper hand:

  • Less Prone to Accidents

You are 50% less likely to get into car accidents than non-cyclists.

  • Great Spatial Awareness

Whether in the city or countryside, you will be aware enough to fit into surroundings and drive accordingly.

  • Road Alertness

As a cyclist, your experience on the road will allow you to remain alert to the risks of road use. Additionally, you will be better ready to foresee dangers.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of individuals choose cycling to maintain physical fitness. Regular exercise contributes to improved mental alertness and that makes you a progressively responsive driver and also cyclists are better drivers

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