6 Bike Accessories from 2 Perspectives: Safety & Convenience

6 Bike Accessories from 2 Perspectives: Safety & Convenience

Whether you are a daily commuter, a professional cyclist or a casual bike rider; having the right accessories for the journey can make a vast difference. Many people think of bike accessories UK from the sole perspective of enhancing safety. However, there are various accessories in the market that can enhance a rider’s comfort; making their ride more convenient. In this blog, we will share some great accessories that are excellent from both these perspectives.

Accessories for Road Safety

Cycling is an exceptional alternative to other modes of transportation. It is amazing for cardiovascular fitness, weight loss and allows you to save on gas or fuel. Despite all of this, there are certain precautions that riders need to take to ensure their safety.

At Pimp-My-Bike Retail, we have a remarkable collection of safety accessories that can help you avoid unwanted problems on your ride. These include:-

  1. Smart Helmet

Helmets are not just mandatory but also the number one accessory that comes to everyone’s minds when it comes to personal safety. BH6OSE by Livall are one of the best cycling helmets that offer additional, advanced safety features, including ‘stop’ indicator lights and turning signals.

Other impressive features that it provides are:-

  • Bright LED safety lights
  • Handlebar controlled turning indicator lights
  • Accident sensor that can automatically text family or friends after a fall
  • Microphone and integrated speakers
  • Improved Bluetooth connection for trouble-free operation no matter where you keep your smartphone.
  • Native iOS and Android Livall smartphone app
  1. Smart Bike Rear Light

Gone are the days when rear lights were only used to alert oncoming vehicles of the cyclists. Today, thanks to the latest technologies, you can get a lot more from rear lights. For instance, the smart bike light from our collection comes with Location Service and Bluetooth features. This accessory is no less than a bike computer with maps as it also includes features like Parking Finder and Anti-Lost Warning to improve the rider’s safety.

More features that might be of your interest:-

  • 6 flashing modes
  • 9 high LED brightness for enhanced visibility
  • Waterproof
  • iOS and Android Compatibility
  1. Cycling Gloves

If you like the idea of gloves with LED turn-indicating lights, you’re going to love this product from our selection. You don’t have to activate those LEDs yourself as they’re automatic. Better than any other gloves in the market, the Adventurer X1 bike gloves offer high visibility, are extremely durable and machine washable. So, when you go for a trail in a dark morning or late at night, these gloves will ensure complete safety.

Here are some more features that make them a must-have accessory:-

  • Detachable LED unit
  • Allows for easy recharging and comes with a USB cable
  • Battery indicators to inform you when the battery is below 15% or fully charged i.e. 100%
  • Velcro bottom for secure and snug fitting
  • Available in multiple sizes

Accessories for your Convenience

Now let’s talk about accessories that you can purchase to satisfy your personal needs.  These design-savvy and innovative bike accessories UK will make your ride smooth and also help you ride in style.

  1. Multifunctional Activity Tracker 

This tiny yet smart device comes with an extensive range of applications such as Sports activity tracker, step counter, key finder, and anti-theft device functionality. It connects with your smartphone via a Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) wireless link and is based on Flip On technology. It will turn off automatically when there is no activity to track.

The reason why it’s multifunctional is that you can use it for various other purposes aside from cycling. You may use it as:-

  • An anti-theft device with alarm
  • Baby Monitor
  • Key Chain and Key Finder
  • BLE pedometer and Step Counter
  1. Smart WiFi Glasses

Capture your riding experience in style with WiFi-enabled smart glasses from Pimp-My-Bike. These glasses contain a discreet camera for capturing pictures and videos. They come with a built-in rechargeable battery and also offer a simplified setup on iOS/Android mobile phones.

Here are some additional features of this amazing product:-

  • Folder – contains all the saved files inside the card.
  • Resolution – allows a change in resolution of videos and photographs
  • Recording time, Sound and Date stamp features – for video recordings
  • Recording mode – manually record
  • Mode – change between video and camera
  • Battery – check devices battery life
  1. Bicycle Coffee Holder

Attach a bicycle coffee holder to the handlebars of your bike to take your favourite cup of coffee anywhere you go! These are especially useful for those who have a hectic schedule and do not have enough time to sit down for their drink. This versatile holder can also fit travel mugs aside from the usual coffee cups.

It’s a perfect accessory thanks to features like:-

  • A flexible holder that can accommodate most cups, mugs or bottles
  • Has a strong grip to help keep things secure
  • It can easily any handlebar and can also be adjusted to keep things level
  • Ideal for bicycle couriers and daily work commuters

To Conclude

Now that you have taken a look at some tech-savvy bike accessories UK that are useful from both perspectives i.e. safety and convenience, you might want to take advantage of these! You’ll find all of these on our website.

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