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10 Phenomenal Tips for Long-Distance Cycling

There’s no better feeling compared to a long bicycle ride with your cycling buddies. If you’ve been cycling for a while and are looking to expand your horizons, this blog is for you! Today, we’re going to list down some helpful cycling accessories & tips for long-distance riding. So, let’s get started... Carbohydrate Loading Carbohydrate Loadingstarts two days prior to the big ride and it is essential that you plan ahead. Take proper rest to allow your muscles to build glycogen stores. The carb-loading days require you to eat 10mg of carbs per kg depending on your [...]

Cycling Motivation

No More Excuses! Find the Motivation to Ride a Bike Again

Want to start riding your bike again but cannot find the motivation for it? We’ve got you covered.  All of us struggle with motivation to ride a bike, even the professionals do. Sometimes you just want to lie in bed, hit the snooze button, and laze around all day. But then the reality hits and you’re left sulking that you wasted the entire day doing nothing. Don’t worry. You can get back on track by following the right steps. If you’ve always loved riding a bike, we have some motivating tips that will compel you to [...]

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New Additions to Our Collection At Pimp-My-Bike Retail

In 2020, one of the things we wanted to do at Pimp-My-Bike Retail was to introduce a range of new bicycle accessories that will define what cycling will look like for years to come. So, in this blog, we will list down some of our newly added products that will surely prompt you to update your cycling gear. Without any further ado, let’s get started… 1. SMART WIRELESS INFLATION PUMP When you get a flat tyre, a portable and smart wireless inflation pump can help you get back on the road easily. Our bicycle tyre pump adapter [...]



Choosing bicycle accessories for teenagers is quite a task. That’s because you need to look for options that aren’t just safe but also fall in the ‘cool’ category. So, if your child is between the age of 15-17 and you’re having a hard time finding bike accessories for them, this blog is for you. There is a wide range of choices and it’s alright to get confused. While some options are smart such as bike computer with maps, others are weird and wacky such as the bike fast plate (if you haven’t stumbled upon it, [...]

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Cyclists are Better and Safer Drivers, Study Finds

A lot of us do not realize it but cycling on the road isn’t as easy as it sounds. Besides putting physical effort, a cyclist requires processing a whole lot of information to get around safely. This includes - traffic signals, road positioning, the behavior of other commuters, potholes and more. This challenge tends to magnify in heavily built-up cities or downtown areas. Cyclists are better drivers. As cyclists, we learn to be more vigilant on the road. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that we are way better at navigating and evaluating our [...]

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Helping You Select the Right Bicycle Accessories

Whether you are riding back and forth from work or running errands on the weekends, it’s essential to have the right accessories to make it a safe and enjoyable experience every time.  When purchasing accessories, safety should be your primary concern. However, only you can determine what exactly is appropriate for the riding you are doing. It’s probably best to begin with the basics and then move on to purchase additional gear as you need them.  For now, we’ll make things easier for you and list some of the most popular Bicycle accessories. You can shop for them on our website: Bike Lights For those [...]

Kick Start Cycling

Kick Start Cycling with These Tips and Recommendations

Cycling is one of the finest physical activities that is amazingly rewarding. It is exceptional for saving money or commuting to school or work. But if you aren’t really a biker, getting started can be a tad daunting. It is essential to understand which type of cycle or gear to purchase in order to kick start cycling and get the most out of your bike ride. In this blog, we will be discussing cycling in complete detail. We will also provide you with some recommendations that will make your experience truly remarkable. So, let’s get [...]

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6 Bike Accessories from 2 Perspectives: Safety & Convenience

Whether you are a daily commuter, a professional cyclist or a casual bike rider; having the right accessories for the journey can make a vast difference. Many people think of bike accessories UK from the sole perspective of enhancing safety. However, there are various accessories in the market that can enhance a rider’s comfort; making their ride more convenient. In this blog, we will share some great accessories that are excellent from both these perspectives. Accessories for Road Safety Cycling is an exceptional alternative to other modes of transportation. It is amazing for cardiovascular fitness, weight [...]

Bicycle Accessories UK

Top 5 Bicycle Accessories You Can’t Do Without in the UK

The rider who mounts a bicycle is just as important as the ride. What better way to prepare yourself than using some cool bicycle accessories UK to enhance your riding experience? While they’re not mandatory, bike accessories do make the ride comfortable and safer. Check out some great options from our bicycle accessories collection. We've included specifications of each of the products so that you know which ones are suitable for your bike. Bike Helmet Cameras Helmet cameras are a great way to keep the excitement going even after you get off the bike. A bike riding helmet [...]