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  • FL-P4 Pro Fingerprint Padlock

    FL-P4 Pro Smart Fingerprint Bluetooth Security Padlock

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    The FipiLock fingerprint and Bluetooth padlock is a highly effective, state of the art padlock, designed for protecting your bag and belongings whilst you're on the roads. Being easily attachable onto any bag and convenient to use, save yourself the hassle of your personal items not being secure, and let your own finger be the key.
  • Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber

    Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber

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    Tackle the toughest of terrain in complete comfort with the Rinsten Spring Under Seat Shock Absorber. Whether you're cycling across the city or taking it backcountry on the trails, the Rinsten Spring has got your back...and your knees.
  • FL-U5BT Bike LockFL-U5BT Bike Lock

    “FL-U5BT Smart Bluetooth Bicycle U-Lock” “Bike Locks”

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    Whether cycling in the city or taking two wheels in town, security should never be far from your mind. That's why investing a good lock for your bike is always a great idea. For years, U locks have been the preferred choice of many to anchor their bike to all kinds of things in urban environments. However, the FL-U5BT Bluetooth Bicycle U-Lock takes this to the next level by utilising advanced Bluetooth and fingerprint technology to add additional security.
  • Smart Wireless Inflation Pump

    “TAP-05A Smart Wireless Inflation Pump” “Rechargeable Air Car Tyre Pump” “Electric Bike Pump” “Bicycle Pumps”

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    Enjoy the peace of mind when cycling and driving with the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump. This handy item will enable you to pump up your car or bike tyres while on the road thanks to its innovative wireless design, plus it's a great design for beach inflatables and balls too. Simple to use and compact in size, the Smart Wireless Inflation Pump is a convenient item for both motorists and cyclists, plus it has the ability to charge your phone and boasts an LED light for those night time emergencies too.
  • “M1 GPS Navigation Bicycle Computer” “Cycling Computer” “Bike Computer”

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    A new path awaits you! Take your bike on the terrain you've previously never ventured across and never worry about taking a wrong turn with M1 GPS Navigation Bicycle Computer, which also will record your ride stats and allow you to sync them to activity and mapping apps such as Strava and Komoot.
  • meilan X5 bike lightMeilan X5 rear bike light

    “X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light with Turn Signals” “Rechargeable LED Tail Light for Cycle”

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    More and more people are taking to two wheels for the daily commute. If you're one of these people ditching the car and getting on the bike, the X5 Wireless Remote Control Bike Light will provide you with the safety and visibility you require to alert other road users to your actions whilst out on the road.
  • LED Bicycle LightsComponent FH-801 Bike Wheel Display

    “FH-801 Pro Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display” “Bicycle Wheel Lights”

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    The innovative and professional Customisable LED Bike Wheel Display is the perfect bike accessory for those who earn a living on their bikes, including Deliveroo, Uber Eats employees, self-employed contractors, agents, and couriers.  Through using this creative product to advertise local businesses within your route in your allocated area, you can bring in extra income with very little effort. This cost-effective, wireless, energy-efficient bike wheel display is easy to install and simple to use, making it a fantastic option for cyclists looking to add mobile advertising to their portfolio.
  • Bicycle Power Bank Phone ChargerLatest USB Power Charger

    “TEP-152 Smart Bicycle Power Bank” “USB Bicycle Phone Charger” “Handlebar Mount”

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    Gain the confidence to cycle for miles with the handy Bicycle Power Bank Phone Charger. With this useful piece of cycling technology, you'll never have to worry about running out of phone battery while on the road again. This means that you'll always be able to use your phone's GPS, track your progress, and make calls should you need assistance, even if you've been out for hours. In this addition to being a bike-friendly power charger, this product features an LED high visibility bicycle front light too, which is another very convenient tool to have on any bike ride.